{Book Excerpt}: Surviving: High School by Bronsen Hawkins

Surviving: High SchoolSurviving: High School
by Bronsen Hawkins
Published August 11th 2012
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Breslin Eliot has alot of memories that he would love to keep in his past. The main ones being why he was returning to Clearveil, and why he left to begin with. But Avalon, his best friend since ever, won't make his return any easy on him. Daisy, the girl next door, wants to get to know the boy she never paid attention to. While Conner and Dexter just want a third musketeer. Being invisible in high school isn't as easy as it seem. And in Clearveil, every ones true intentions show eventually.

He could still hear the words his mother spoke to him this morning.
“Just try your best here.” She mouthed threw the car window. Breslin could barely make it out with all the dirt stains on it. Her smile was genuine, but concerned. As far as they both knew, the last couple of years had just been a string of bad luck. From job losses to new positions, starting over was an Eliot manufactured thing. And now they were back in their home town, living in the house Breslin grew up in. In the town he never really cared for.
“No promises.” Breslin replied as his mother slowly pulled out of the driveway and disappeared down the road. New job meant home schooling was out of the question.
Nevertheless, it was time to put on a brave face and be that new guy once more. The one he hated more than anything. Or was at least in his big three. Spiders were still a thing.


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