RANT/RAVE # 5: PSA on social harassment in the workplace!

Rant & Rave: because sometimes, I've just got to vent. After being the nice little, sometimes doormat, darling for 20-something years, some things just get to me. Won't it be fun if I shared?

Beware of that one seemingly nice person you meet on your first day on the job.
Yeah, you know the one who right after the name introductions tell you their WHOLE life story...

  • He/She is loquacious.
  • Will provide you, at the worst times, long winded interludes. Honestly, like they have absolutely noting to do!
  • He/She will force unwanted conversation upon you.

Certain occupations (I.E. office environments) are stumping grounds for repeat offenders and notorious individuals who work not to support a lifestyle but to find a friend.

The term I like to use is "social harassment".

My job is one of them and I know how it feels to suffer an attack of wasted hours trying to nicely get away from hearing about that (fill in the blank...IE. child support, health issue, biography, money talk, politics, etc.) but to no avail.

So if you or any one you know has been socially harassed, there's support and much love here.
If you reading this IS in fact an offender, there should be a freaking registering system with local PD. STOP IT....please, please for the love of God take a hint and GET BACK TO WORK.

This message has been brought to you by the Kindred Dreamheart unofficial campaign to eliminate social harassment in the workplace.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I even printed this and posted it at my desk. Some people laughed while others got all in their feelings. But hey...it HAD to be said.

  2. This gave me a much needed laugh! I've worked with people like that before unfortunately! Hope it gets better for ya! :D


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