RANT & RAVE # 6: Video Edition

Rant & Rave: because sometimes, I've just got to vent. After being the nice little, sometimes doormat, darling for 20-something years, some things just get to me. Won't it be fun if I shared?

Sometimes the weirdest things happen to me.  So this is a real life account.  I apologize in advance if I offend anyone. 

Take #2

Here's Take 1 if you're interested:
Contrary to this reenactment, the entire time I was giving him a dead pan look and talking in a professional monotone.  Oh geez, I taped this twice and still I forgot to add that at one point he said," You made me feel good on the inside."  Yeah....That really happened! I AM NOT CREATIVE ENOUGH TO MAKE THIS UP! 
Is this not the weirdest pick up story, EVER ?



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's really funny! :D I can't imagine that ever happening but I'd probably be completely freaked out and end up running away ;) You handled that a lot better than I would have ;)


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