Top 10 of 2012: Best Book Boyfriends of 2012

Top 10 of 2012:
 A Week of Looking Back….
…and Looking Forward.
My, my, my...where has the time gone?
Today I will show chase my picks of the Best Book Boyfriends of 2012!

Hey all, enjoy! I've even included an age group cap in parenthesis so almost all the viewing audience can swoon without the guilt.  I tried to keep it clean and short, so for more steamy details, you'll just have to read the novel.

Going Under (Going Under, #1)
Going Under (Going Under #1) by Georgia Cates 
Jessie- The Bad Boy (High School Level-Senior)
Swoon Worthy Scene:
He pulled away slightly and said, "I haven't heard this song in a long time.  What's the name of it?"I knew the song like the back of my hand and didn't hesitate in answering, "Kiss me.""I thought you'd ever ask."  He let go of my hand and waist and placed both hands on my face, pulling me closer for our first kiss, but he didn't start at my lips.  He began by teasing me of my neck below my ear and my whole body began to tingle.

Shallow (Going Under, #2)

Shallow (Going Under #2)by Georgia Cates 
Nick Hawke- The Playa (Just Beyond High School)
Just a Taste:
His Shoulders were broad, just the way I like them and his black T-shirt fit his chest tightly so I was able to see how well defined his chest was beneath it.  I could tell he worked out.  A lot.
He caught me looking and my own heart betrayed me as it began to race without permission   My breath was held hostage in the back of my throat as my eyes moved from his chest up his face and  I wondered what his semi-scruffy chin would feel like against my throat as it slid lower.

The Rise (The Alexa Montgomery Saga, #3)

The Rise (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #3) by H.D. Gordon 
Kayden- Vampire Warrior (20-something)
Try not to drool:
...and his warm, strong arms were around me, his hands wrapping in the braid in my hair. His body pressed up against mine, forcing my back to the door. Then his lips found mine in the darkness, and his kiss was gentle and almost painfully contained. I heard myself moan a little at the feel of his heartbeat so close to my own, the skin of his bare chest almost hot against the thin fabric of my dress.

Living Violet (The Cambion Chronicles, #1)Living Violet by Jaime Reed 
Caleb- The Forbidden Fruit (18 & wondering)
The hottest guys are always bad for you:

“I know you’re worried about what would happen, but is there any way it’s possible for us to kiss again?” Biting his lip, he stared at me with the eyes of a naughty child who promised to behave.
...He reached for my hands and dragged his lips across my wrist.
...His moist lips, his hot breath, the stubble on his chin wreaked havoc on my nervous system. The warmth traveled up my arm to my vertebrae. During his slow exploration up my arm, every movement illustrated the need for control, which only heightened the excitement.

Defiance (Significance, #3)Defiance (Significance #3) by Shelly Crane
Accordance (Significance #2) by Shelly Crane
Significance (Significance #1) by Shelly Crane 
Caleb- The Perfect "Mind Reading" Boyfriend (College Guy)
He's taken:

It's like it was made for you, huh?  I nodded without turning to him. "It's beautiful. It's… I've never seen so many in my life."                          
"I thought of this place, when I saw in your mind that yellow roses were your favorite. I couldn't wait to bring you here." He plucked a small one from the bush and turned me to him. He put it to my nose and I smelled and exhaled. I smiled as he put it behind my ear.

Accordance (Significance, #2)Don’t worry about him. You are right where I want you to be.                          
Thanks. I’m sorry.                          
For what?                          
I am being clingy.
You have to be clingy right now. I’d rather you be clingy than not safe. Besides, I like you clingy. Your being clingy equals you in my lap. What guy wouldn't want that?
I laughed softly and shook my head knowing he’d feel me doing it.                          
You’re so crazy. I love you.                          
I love you, baby. His lips skimmed my temple and kissed softly. Sleep.                        
I nodded and did just that.

Significance (Significance, #1)I looked at him in the soft glow of the streetlights   He was tall, that I'd seem before, and broad, but his hair was brown and shaggy, curling around his ears and forehead, and his eyes were light, blue maybe or hazel. His lips were fascinating as he sucked them in and out of his mouth in contemplation.  He was wearing a grey hoodie that said 'VOLS' in big orange letters on the front.

Stealing BreathStealing Breath by Joanne Brothwell
Evan Valente-The Flirt & The Tease (Grown & Sexy)
Easily Distracted:
"What brand do you prefer? Saucony? New Balance?"
He stepped closer ad looked directly into my eyes, holding my gaze for much too long for casual politeness.
"Indigo," he said.
"Pardon me?"
He blinked, as if composing himself.  "Your eyes. They're indigo."  His expression softened as he gazed into my eyes, his lips parted.
Air escaped my mouth. "Yes, they are."
"Very rare, that color."
..."I guess so."
"The're gorgeous." He leaned toward me.  I could almost feel the touch of his lips on mine. Then he took a step back....

Charles (Alibi, #1)

Charles by Annie Miles
Charles-"Stand up" kid of guy (High School Level-Senior)
My Hero Macho Man:

“Yeah. That’s it,” Mason said, his anger gaining steam. “You’re like a female praying mantis. The second we started dating you started trying to snap my damn head off.” Mason was yelling now, towering over Abby. “Go stick your nose up someone else’s ass.” Charles pounded his fists on the table and leapt up. “Watch what you’re saying, mate.” No matter how confused he was about his relationship with Abby, he wasn't going to let his cousin mistreat her.

Caterpillar (The Metamorphosis Trilogy #1)

Caterpillar by Kate Oliver
Will Mallory- Boyfriend from outer space (Ancient, yet looks 20-ish)
Kiss Me Extraterrestrial:
He brushed his lips against my forehead. "I don't want you to feel alone, ever, but it isn't enough for me in the tower with you.  You need to get rid of the wall."
I'll try," I said softly.  "Until I met you, I never even wanted to.  I never even wanted to be free."
"Be free," he whispered, and he bent down and pressed his lips to mine.  And there in his arms, my wall crumbled into dust and I was free.

Honorable mentions:
The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat FriendDeath and the Girl Next Door (Darklight, #1)Arise (The Syrenka Series, #3)Shadow of The Witte WievenFire Baptized (Habitat, #1)Between The Land And The Sea (Marina's Tales, #1)

So what novel-licious guys rocked your 2012?


  1. Love Wesley Rush from The Duff! I really enjoyed both Caleb and his cousin from the Significance series. Just got Living Violet on a freebie deal and I want to read Death and the Girl Next Door!
    My Top 10

  2. I'm not familiar with any of these guys so maybe I'll have to check them out sometime.


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