Dreamheart Spotlight #31

I prefer to do urban, commercial, print, and lingerie... 

“On the day the world was supposed to end (12-21-12) I was in Baltimore MD doing a photo shoot with photographer Timothy Christmas,” said 24-year-old aspiring model, Kathiria.

“The craziest thing I have done (well not so crazy) is travel really far only to audition for about 1 minute, but I still landed the gig,” she mused.

Kathiria, Kathy for short, is highly anticipating her 25th birthday in March, yet she’s still a big kid at heart. “Something I think hardly nobody knows is I still like watching cartoons”, she laughed. “Not always but I do. Sadly my all-time favorite cartoon is no longer on TV (Hey Arnold).”

This go getter doesn't let anything stand in the ways of her dreams, not even physical limitations.

“…though I am only 5'5 I have what it takes, I know the right ways to pose, how to pose to make myself look taller how to stare at the camera,” she said. “I mostly get booked for commercial/print. Not really high fashion because of my height which for that they usually look for taller girls. I sometimes get booked for runway because I know how to walk and I look much taller in heels so that's a good thing.”

“I prefer to do urban, commercial, print, and lingerie but nothing that exposes too much.”

Kathiria is a 3 year modeling veteran with formal training from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Harrisburg, PA.

“I took some courses but did not finish all,” she said. “[Yet,] I learned the right way to pose when working with lighting, how to play around with jewelry if I were modeling jewelry How to apply makeup, or how to present myself at a casting etc... I also took some classes for runway. I took some acting classes as well.”

When she isn't modeling, Kathiria works at a retirement home and is a loving mother.

“I …have a year in a half baby boy who I love with all my heart and is my motivation to everything. A lot of people thought I wouldn't be able to model after I had my son, but I did not give up.”

Kathiria has a 10 year plan just in case modeling doesn't pan out and yet she maintains a healthy outlook on the industry.

“I know that modeling is not an easy field and a lot of people want to get into it,” she said. “But it is all about networking, what you know about modeling how passionate you are about it that will get you far.”

“I never saw modeling as a career but as something I loved to do,” she said. “I took it as a hobby but I have been presented with so many opportunities that I thought to myself, why not make it a career? If it happens and it somehow turns into a career perfect!”

“My goals as a model will always be to progress have people want to work with me, hopefully become a well noticed model not only local but around the world. I see myself progressing in this field by the people I meet. I always get advice from photographers or models [that] have more experience and I learn more as I continue modeling.

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