Dreamheart Spotlight #32

"Everyone wants to be the hero.... "

"I am humble with no attitude and never give up. I'll keep trying until I can't physically move anymore. Even if I hurt like hell I'll still do it and keep quiet."

"My typical day used to be work at 7:30 am as a marketing director, a stunt man actor in the Tournament of Kings show 5 pm-10 pm, then home or workout, movies with the poodz [(girlfriend)] and dogs before bed. Then do it all again", said Hawaiian native Shane Kawamura.

Shane is a man of many hats. He's a model, actor, stuntman and fighter.

"[Modeling] was something my mom thought I'd be good at as a kid. I never wanted to do it until later in life, I owe all of my success to her."

"I was a Muay Thai kick boxer and started being approached by people and photographers to do shoots because they liked my physique and look and I went with it. I actually got my role as one of the main 5 Tap out fighters in [a] movie because they saw me fight a guy in the ring without my shirt while waiting as an extra."

"I just went with the flow...and I actually started doing very well in it and finally felt what my mom saw in me", he said.

"My fast reflexes from fighting and training as well as being an athlete my whole life helped make [being a stuntman] an easy transition."

"Muay Thai is my specialty, then grappling, and boxing. 95% Muay Thai though."

Shane's role models are Mila Jolovich and Kate Beckingsale because they do amazing fights in films and can still look amazingly sexy at the same time.

His ideal acting role is in action films. "Everyone wants to be the hero. I've never met anyone who hasn't ", he said. "I'm always looking out for people and I get protective when they are in trouble."

"My movie art of submission hit theaters September 21st [2012] and premiered in San Jose." 

Aside from his motion picture debut, Shane has a few projects open to the public.

"My show Tournament of Kings is on every night except Tuesday at the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas", he said.

It takes hard work to mold the body into toned muscle, but Shane makes it sound almost easy. 

"I just eat clean and don't ever eat fast food or starches", he said. "... and train with a lot of reps and martial arts workouts."

Shane is beyond aspiring at this stage of the game, yet his humbleness is something to be admired. 

"I have far surpassed my goals. I never thought I'd ever be in a movie, star on a cable tv show episode, be on a magazine cover, or be in a live Las Vegas show. I'm actually living a dream and I don't even know it at times", he joked.

"Now I see myself going after new goals knowing that I can succeed in this industry. What I really want is to be in another movie like the matrix, underworld, or resident evil doing fights."

This tough guy is surprisingly also down to earth and has weaknesses we can all relate to. 

"I hold back a little too much when I shouldn't. I need to be more vocal", he said. "Few people know that I am a great artist and love to draw, do graphic arts, and write songs. I love the simple things in life like eating dinner and watching a movie at home on the couch. I don't drink alcohol or go out much at all."

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?

Check out Shane's website: www.shanekawamura.com 

It was a treat having Shane here today; and I appreciate him taking time out of his hectic schedule for this interview.  Be sure to show him some love! 

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