From the Review Pile # 29

From the Review Pile is a meme hosted by Stepping Out of the Page on Thursdays.
This meme is to showcase books that you've received for review, yet haven't yet gotten around to reading.   This gives the book some extra publicity.

Chase and the Fallen AngelChase and the Fallen Angel 
(The Chase Series)
by R.J. Castro
Published January 4th 2013 

Chase, an uninspired twenty-three year old, trudges through his uneventful life taking for granted the everyday privileges of his human existence. He does not realize how great life is until he is killed in a tragic, freak accident and unwillingly transformed into a guardian angel. Ripped away from his life and loved ones, he now finds himself living in an unfamiliar world where fantasy becomes a reality. He must carry the heavy responsibilities of protecting his Delicate (mortal) from dangers unseen to the human eye. With the help of his two new guardian angel friends, Trevor and Rachel, Chase is taking his first steps on the long journey to eternal peace by becoming a dedicated guardian angel. But the road to eternal happiness is far from easy when Chase has to find his inner strength and courage to battle malicious demons, a deranged priest and a merciless fallen angel.

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I received this book on Sunday for review.  I'm excited to add it to the TBR pile and plan to read it soon.  Be on the look out to see it again on this week's Stacking The Shelves.


  1. That poor bunny, lol.

  2. Its insane, that is what i can say applicable this post. Because this def is what the able activity is about right? Accrue it up!


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