Mock Up: April Runway Show

Hello Beautiful People!  You guys have been awesome and by your wonderful tips and advice, I've had time to focus on the designing process.  I've decided to continue with the "whimsical" collection entitled "Timeless Evolution" which was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  I figured why not finish it by creating a look inspired from each character:  Queen of Hearts, Alice (all looks), the Tweedle Twins, The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Flamingo, Caterpillar etc.

Right now I'm working on Chester the cat (look # 2).  

Okay so I've been shuffling through mounds of satin and silks.....*sigh* I absolutely love the texture of these two fabrics!  I've also been elbows deep in graphite and ink.  

Here's some of my favorite drafts:

I've decided to continue to use the draping technique.
I'm trying to find the perfect color/visual combination.

The workers at my Jo-Ann's know me on a first name basis & I show them twitter love:

That's all for now.....back to the sewing room!


  1. Ooo, where did you find that wonderful black and white stripe?

  2. What a treat getting to see your sketches come to life, Katrina.

  3. I'd totally wear the black & white but I think I'll pair that with either a sleek leather belt or a metallic one with gladiator heeled sandals.


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