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Stalk Me (The Keatyn Chronicles, #1)Stalk Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #1)
by Jillian Dodd
Published September 1st 2012 by Bandit Publishing 
Gossip girl meets Hollywood in this new series by That Boy author, Jillian Dodd.
Keatyn has everything she ever dreamed of. Her life is following the script she wrote for the perfect high school experience. She’s popular, goes to the best parties, dates the hottest guy, and sits at the most coveted lunch table.

She’s just not sure she wants it anymore.

Because really, things aren’t all that perfect.
Her best friend is threatening to tell everyone her perfect relationship is a scam.
Her perfect boyfriend gets drunk at every party they go to.
It’s exhausting always trying to look and act perfect.
And deep down, she isn’t sure if she has any true friends.

To add to the drama, her movie star mom’s long-time fan has turned stalker.
An older man is flirting with her and telling her they should make a movie together.
And she’s crushing on an adorable surfer. Dating a guy like him would mean committing social suicide.

So she writes a new script. One where all the pieces of her life will come together in perfect harmony.
But little does she know, there’s someone who will do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Keatyn Douglas is the offspring of Hollywood’s sweetheart. She spent her childhood on movie sets. She’s lived a glamorous life within the confounds of her mother’s famous shadow. Stalk Me details Keatlyn’s life in high school when she decided to have a try at normalcy. 

From the cover, you see a pretty girl, see the title inviting obsessive attention and can’t help but roll your eyes thinking all kinds of not nice things. Perhaps I’m just speaking for myself. Truthfully, I didn’t really know what to expect. The synopsis made comparisons to Gossip Girl, but I never watched the show. Ehhh, just couldn’t hold my attention long enough to really get into it, so I wasn’t really a fan. I didn’t dislike it either. I just wasn’t interested.

While Stalk Me was full of stereotypes, Keatyn was the exception. She was just as high maintenance as she was down to Earth. She reminded me so much of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. Her system for deciphering the complexity of friends and relationships was completely alien to me, yet the reasoning was sound. It’s like when Cher compares shoe shopping in Miami to shoe shopping in LA and ultimately decide that it’s not where you buy the shoe but the comfort in the fit. Her analogy was used in discussing going to private school to public school. The quality of learning is what’s important. Oh, but wait, her current shoes are so last season. So then she buys new shoes for her first day at school. Then you ask yourself why the heck she had to use that round about explanation to argue something so obvious. Keatyn wasn’t a carbon copy of Cher but she did have similarities. Her desire to do the right thing is what made me like her. Another quality that I liked was her expectations and dreams. She wanted to be popular, date the cutest guy, and go to the coolest parties. I think a lot of teens can relate. It was especially entertaining when the reader gets glimpses into her fantasies. Keatlyn literally had a script for every milestone in the teenage card catalog of first experiences.

On the other hand there were many times I wanted to knock on her fictional door and slap the naiveté out of her. Her strength to stand outside of the popular clique and grow a backbone was nonexistent. In my opinion, she also didn’t particularly make the best decisions. 

Stalk Me surprisingly had a lot going on socially aside from there being a stalker. Much of the unpleasant action could have been easily avoided.  It makes you wonder if the rich and famous really do have as much drama steaming from their stature or if the chaos is of their own making. 

Stalk Me brought out every last one of my emotions. I loved the gushy romance. I lusted on the steamy scenes. I envied the lavish lifestyle. I giggled at Keatyn's gullibility and dreamy expectations. That also pissed me off at times. I teared up on the unfair unfairytale realities. I was frustrated by all the drama, that also had me glued to see what happens next.

In sum, Stalk Me was an interesting read. I loved it. I hated it. I loved it some more. It was like plucking petals. Keatyn's like my very first fictional frenemy, but I'm kind of obsessed now. But it's not all her, but her unfair life. This novel is dramalicious! I definitely plan to stalk this series.

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