Dreamheart Spotlight # 35

...I am always in the moment...
"I would love to host my own talk show just dishing on celebrities and getting the latest gossip, almost like the CNN for celebrities", said aspiring model/actress Joana Dalmida (online alias "Joeylissette").

Joeylissette's modeling venture was launched after peers' relentless motivation.

"People just kept telling me that I should model and after awhile I was just like fine I will give it a go and I did and after my first photo shoot there was no going back," she exclaimed. "I feel that modeling is such a beautiful yet difficult job..."

"...I mean who doesn't want to get made up and play dress up while you have somebody taking pictures of you..."

While Joeylissette's modeling is still in it's beginning stages, her acting is beyond novice. She is a member of "The Trio" (a filming crew that makes original short films on You Tube).

While they've gained local recognition, they hope to expand to national attention. "Right now, we aim for 250-1,000 views but long term we want to aim for 500,000," she said.

In"The Trio" films Joeylissette is usually the lead protagonist and with just cause.

"I've taken almost every acting class in the book, from classical to contemporary to screenwriting and theater history."

Even off screen Joeylissette is always conditioning. In fact few people cannot tell from her dialect and articulation that she's from the U.S. Virgin Islands. "I have a really strong accent but I cover it up pretty good", she said.

"My best quality as an actor would be that I am always in the moment and I am always listening to my scene partner(s), I really feel it's so hard to learn to live in the moment and just let go and trust your partner and let whatever happens, happen."

Joeylissette is a huge fan of comedy and primarily seek out roles with a sitcom appeal."Dramatic roles are a weak point for me", she said. "I never feel fully engaged I get self conscious and I start criticizing myself."

While she's met a few B & C list celebrities in Cali, she's keeping her eyes peeled for trailblazers Will Smith, Johnny Dep and Anne Hathaway.

"They had the most amazing careers and got to play some of the most amazing roles and I love them. And I want to have a career like them," she said.

Joeylissette's advice to other aspiring actors is as follows:
"1. Learn your lines, and once you think you've learned them, learn them AGAIN! 
2. Trust and believe in yourself because if you don't no one else will. 
3. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and be vulnerable it will feel scary at first but the scarier it is for you all the better to dive in head first. 
4. Never give up!"

Joeylissette is a recent graduate at AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Hollywood. "I am actually just fresh out of college [in February] with my Bachelors", she said, "and I am only 20."

For the moment this small screen starlet's schedule is open but when that changes TFP & low pay assignments will take a backseat. "I am looking for a survival job, right now", she said.

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
To contact Joana "Joeylissette" Dalmida for bookings and/ or additional information:

Twitter: @Joeylissette
Instagram: Joeylissette



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