Dreamheart Spotlight # 37 {Bonus:Exclusive Giveaway}

Rising above the noise.

“My stage name is V.I.T.A.L. Emcee. V.I.T.A.L. is an extension of myself,” said Californian native recording artist, Noel Vinson.

“I go by both names. People call me whatever they are comfortable with calling me, but musically, it is usually V.I.T.A.L. He is that part of my personality that is more forward, confident and fearless.”

The stage name, V.I.T.A.L. Emcee, has unorthodox origins for this lyrical mastermind.

“I used to go by Mr. Dutch Master when I was younger (Dutchy for short). My content was also much more "young-thinking," he said.

“As I matured in my own life as well as lyrically, I needed to do something that represented where my mind state was going. One day I was drinking a bottle of juice that was called Vital C. Being that I was stoned at the time, I kept looking at it and added the M in between. Vital MC. Then as I started playing with it, I made it into an acronym: V.I.T.A.L. Emcee. I liked the way it looked. The acronyms are: 1) Victorious in the After Life, 2) Visionary Intuition Tapping All Levels, and 3) Virtually Impossible to Annihilate Lyrically.”

Vinson’s been professionally making music for almost 10 years.

“Prior to that, I was always recording over instrumentals on cassettes”, he said. “That was my thing. That helped to hone my craft and style. It helped me to find my voice, so in that essence we can say 20 years.”

Born and raised in Orange County, California...Garden Grove, Vinson crafts music that appeals to a mature crowd of young people.

“My music is made for the individual to identify with. I want to invoke confidence in my listeners. There are issues of alienation on one side of the coin, but when you flip it over then you also get the cockiest son of a bitch on Planet Earth. It's aggressive but also spiritual and humble”, he said.  “Gets the wheels of the brain turning...for those who really pay attention to a lot of the lyrics. When all else fails, I use an elevator pitch: V.I.T.A.L. Emcee is a boxing match between 2Pac and Eminem while Socrates referees."
While happy with his current audience Vinson yet still seeks a gamut full of diversity.

“I've always thought that if I can open different people up to the aesthetics of Hip-Hop then I have succeeded. So far so good. People always say, if you like 2Pac and you like Tool, you'll love V.I.T.A.L. Or if you love Bone Thugs and you love Pink Floyd, then you'll love V.I.T.A.L.”, he mused. “Obviously, music is universal and I would not want to alienate anyone. I represent for the human race. So in all honesty, who is the preferred audience? The universe!”

Vinson’s lyrics and overall stage presence can best be described as “Enigmatic, Cathartic, Confident and Conviction.”

His songs’ content range from uplifting and carefree  to serious while painting a story in sound.

“Individual empowerment at the end of the day”, he said.  “I touch on anything and everything I go through, so I am multi-faceted concept wise. I also like to tell stories or comment on the society we are a part of. This being said, my music is the manual I have lived my life by and if anyone can take examples from that, then by all means take it and run with it. I used to be more dark with what I would put out, but then again, I was in a dark place at that time. Read some of the lyrics and listen to some of the songs off the "Invisible Man" record and you'll definitely see that. Nowadays, I am more happy with who I am as a person, and though I still struggle with things, I want to give my listeners energy and not strip it from them.”

Similar to many artists who draw inspiration from personal experiences, Vinson also has a song in his cadre that’s close to his heart.

“Against the World only because it was about the first relationship I had ever been in. There's really no story behind it as we've all been through it, first love and all its clichés. But for me, I avoided that kind of thing for so long that once it hit me and I couldn’t resist, I had to get past a giant learning curve. Hence the song speaking on ups and down of a healthy relationship. Unfortunately mine turned out to be anything but healthy”, he chuckled. “ And these are the kinds of things one grows from.”

Vinson’s love of music started at a very young age, yet his desire to perform didn’t emerge until much later after actually dabbing in the field as a pastime hobby.

 “[As a toddler], I never wanted any toys. All I wanted were records and cassettes”, he said.  “[However], when I was a part of a group [at the age of 20] and we dropped our first record. From that point it became more serious that this could actually be done".

“I was a part of a group called Seekret Socyetee. We released a record on MDB Records, which is Matt Embree of the RX Bandits's label. From there I did another project called 2 Drunk'n Poets and went solo after that, so it was just a momentum of being able to use a studio while never being at a loss for production. It helped me expand my focus at the time. And it also helped me deal with what I was personally going through.”

Vinson is not currently signed to a label, and while the road to stardom has been forthcoming in opportunities it has also proved to be treacherous.

“[My biggest challenge has been] ...rising above the noise”, he said. “Locally, every promoter expects an artist to pay to play no matter what and if you concede, you may get a shitty time slot on a bill with 20 other artists who are in the same position as you. It's been difficult for me to market myself without enough money. That list goes on. I plan to rectify a lot of those things that I've used as excuses in the past. I am trying to vibrate at a higher level.”

Vinson does not consider himself a role model. “… but I try to lead by example. I think a role model places me on a pedestal”, he said. “I think that I look like anything but a rap artist is a major goal. As I get older, I pull my influences from Pink Floyd, Elton John and Judas Priest before I pull from 2Pac or Eminem. My plan is to be more flamboyant than what people should be able to get away with in the perceived "definition" of Hip-Hop. I'm planning on breaking some molds and writing a new rule book.”

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
To contact  Noel "V.I.T.A.L. EmceeVinson for booking and/or additional information:

Email: bookvital@gmail.com

(site is currently being rebuilt from the ground up)

Note: Up until the mix tape release you can download both solo albums for free at www.vitalemcee.bandcamp.com
V.I.T.A.L. Emcee is currently in China working on a few gigs before his return to the States in May; so please be sure to show him much love!

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  1. Hi, Katrina. I didn't know V.I.T.A.L. emcee's songs and his songs are beautiful.
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