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The Moonlight Guardian (Moonlight, #1)The Moonlight Guardian (Moonlight #1)
by Michelle Congdon
Published November 19th 2012
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Seventeen yr old Ella McMillan's life has been all about ballet and working hard to survive high school, so that she can chase her dream of dancing on the world's greatest stages.
However, that all quickly changes after surviving a terrifying attack that should have ended her life... But she was spared and now 'they' know a secret that she has no idea of.
Ella's life soon begins to spiral out of control, with everything she'd read about in books and watched in movies as a child suddenly becoming frighteningly real.
Hunted for her 'rare' blood, she finds herself stuck under the protection of an unbearable, ill-tempted boy and an irritating classmate, who claim they're a fallen angel and a shape-shifting warrior. How completely absurd.
As stranger events occur, Ella soon realises that in order to stay alive (which is becoming a never ending struggle) and if she wants to uncover her mysterious past, she has to decide whether to entrust herself with her unlikely companions or to flee.
But who is there to trust when everybody is harboring their own dark secrets? And where is there to run to, when your enemy can easily find you? Could there be another reason why the demons are after her? Or is the real danger coming from somebody close to her?

About the Author
Michelle Congdon resides in Sydney, Australia. She owns a Dalmatian named Jett, who to this day continues to hold a 7 year grudge against her after leaving him with her parents- this only proves animals are much like their owners. As an actor and a writer, she enjoys reading books of all sorts of genres, watching way too many movies and TV shows (and Disney cartoons), singing out aloud to her favorite songs and going on adventures involving food and travel. Michelle is loud, talks a lot and shares an ever-growing list of fictional husbands with a friend. From when she was a small girl, she has always had an overactive imagination and has tried to put it to good use by sharing her stories with anyone willing to listen. The Moonlight Guardian is her debut novel.
Connect with Michelle Congdon:

The Moonlight Guardian is the first installment in the Moonlight Series.First off I would just like to give a HUGE thank you to Katrina for approaching and offering me the opportunity to do a guest post for the website.
When I was given the question, “What fairy tale elements does the Moonlight Guardian offer?” I wasn’t sure how to answer as I had never envisioned the Moonlight Guardian or the rest of the series in a ‘fairy tale’ context while writing it. When I think ‘fairy tales’ Walt Disney and the Grimm Brothers immediately come to mind. I am a huge fan of Disney but I love the dark and terrifying aspects of the Grimm Brothers tales.
When I think long and hard, I like to think the Moonlight Guardian is a combination of the two with a modern twist. I’d be lying if I said my story was a ‘happily ever after’ kind of story, because it’s far from it. It’s dark, cruel, filled with action and mystery and with a touch of romance. The Moonlight Guardian deals with a central struggle between good and evil, light and dark, ‘demonic’ creatures that walk amongst us and has elements of magic throughout; which are all very common aspects to a classic fairytale.
While there are many similarities, it also differs in that the Moonlight Guardian takes place in modern day New York, adding to the ‘modern twist’ within the story line; seventeen year old Ella McMillan is far from being the typical damsel in distress, our bad guys may not be who they seem and our heroes have major kick-ass fighting skills and a whole lot of attitude to go with it.
I find very often in fairy tales there are characters of royalty. The Moonlight series also offers this element, although, I can’t discuss much detail at this point. My only clue is that we may soon find a handsome prince waiting in the shadows.
I hope you all enjoy the Moonlight Guardian as much as I did writing it.


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