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Hello Beautiful People:
Styling natural hair can be as easy as 1-2-3. The problem is that many don’t know the basics. First off, remember natural hair loves WATER. I co-wash my hair DAILY. No problems with dryness and it helps in styling. It is nearly impossible to style dry, natural hair…that is, unless you’re doing a twist out. Otherwise, WATER is your friend. If you can’t co-wash your hair daily, then put some water in a spray bottle and mist your hair prior to styling. Here’s the 1-2-3’s of styling natural hair:
1. Make sure to cowash with a conditioning shampoo, such as Tresemme Naturals (no silicone) or even Pantene conditioner works. Basically, find out what conditioners YOUR hair likes. It could be something as expensive as a “Kinky Curly” product OR something as cheap as a $1 bottle of White Rain conditioner (which my hair LOVES). I’ve found that the cheaper products work best for natural hair. The expensive stuff? Not so much. After co-washing, I always add a little more of the conditioner to my hair as a leave in (about a quarter sized amount in my hand).
2. After removing my hair towel (allowing the water to soak into the towel yet leaving my hair damp enough to still work in my foaming mousse), I apply my foaming mousse. Foaming mousse is softer and allows for more pliability of the hair. I use Silky Elements Foam Mousse (found in Sally’s) but you can also use Motions or BB’s or whatever. Apply it all over the head as you mold the hair down.
3. After molding, I immediately step back and whip my hair like ‘Willow Smith’!!! Whip it back and forth and side to side! This breaks up the mold and allows the coils to break free yet remain coiled. Also helps to remove excess water and air dry the hair a little more..
The result??? Voila!! WARNING: Whatever you do, DO NOT brush or comb your hair after shaking the hair. It will cause the curls to turn into an afro! Leave your hair alone and let it air dry. After the mousse dries (which takes about 20-30 min), coils galore! 

Wanna see another pic, as my hair grew out?

More pics to come (as requested) since my hair is way longer now. But I tend to keep my hair slicked up in a nice coily bun. But stay tuned for the next lesson of natural, coily looks. There’s a method that I also use which allows for even curlier looks and only involves a jar of Long Aid curl activator! Happy coiling, naturalista’s!!


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