RAK Up: January & February

Book Soulmates

RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. It's an awesome program created by Book Soulmates, where book lovers can give books to other book lovers "just because". No one is obligated, but the program is only as successful as the hearts of its participants.
I LOVE this meme! February was my birthday month!
If you haven't heard of RAK, check it out!

I received (In February):
Many thanks to Miki @ http://lectureaventure.blogspot.be/

Miki is an creative sweetheart! She chatted with me via Google chat.  After our little discussion she was able to craft the cutest bookmark that fits my style perfectly.  In the picture above you see the kitten charm on intricately woven purple and green fibers.  Gorgeous! I feel so special because it was made just for me.  She also included a hand written letter!

The Burning Bush (Habitat, #2)
The Burning Bush (Habitat #2)
by Kenya Wright

Many thanks to Michaniya @ Acceptingallofme.com

Hey ladies I plan to return the RAK love this month!  Thanks so much for recognizing my birthday and taking the time to do something nice for me.  I truly appreciate it!

I gave (In January):
Independence (Significance, #4)
Independence (Significance #4)
by Shelly Crane

Enjoy your book Amy H.

I received (In January):
The Crimson Hunt (Eldaen Light Chronicles, #1)
The Crimson Hunt (Eldaen Light Chronicles #1)
by Victoria H. Smith 

Many Thanks to Amy H.

Anyone else has some RAK love to share and/or blog brag about?


  1. It was really a pleasure to make this for you ^^ i'm so happy you love it

  2. Oh Katrina, you won one of Victoria's books. Nice!

  3. The bookmark looks lovely!! It sure is a million times cuter than my bookmarks, which are bleh and made of torn paper of my used notebooks :))

    Happy March RAK!

    RAK wrap up


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