The Tale of a Frantic Designer

I've been all over the place, design wise, this week. I'll start on a number then stop. Here's what I've generated:
Nice draped gown using 10 yards of CUTE snake skin print polyester... 
 But it's so last season.
*Tsk, Tsk*
I make have to deconstruct and make smaller accent pieces so it won't be a complete fashion no-no. 

My version of the little black dress...
 But I didn't add the zipper.
I thought at the last stitch how I would rather see this in a photo shoot first.
And in that case, I'll need to meet with the model for alterations to ensure it fits like a glove.
Therefore the zipper will have to wait. 

Prints are so fun to work with...
 But will this be cohesive to the overall collection?
 That's something I'm still mulling over.
 Then I'll need to add the buttons and top stitch.

See the halter vest...
 I need to add the closure clasps.
 But once again, this won't make it to the runway.
Only print photography.

Okay I plan to finish this jacket...
 But I ran out of fabric.
I hope * fingers crossed* it's still in stock.

 Cute funky jacket...
 I love it to pieces. But it doesn't go with anything in the collection.
 Oh and I still need to add the buttons.

I hope I can get it together before the last week, when I have to make final decisions on what to showcase alongside a few of the fan-favs.  I guess this frantic sewing is a good thing.  If nothing else, I'll have plenty for my next photo shoot.



  1. The little black dress is quite cute and i'm curious about what will be the result on teh purple jacket ... look a little like a chinese dress at the moment

    now that being said i know i don't have a fashion taste at all ^^;; ( at least for myself) but really you did work hard so i hope you will have the success you deserved and wish for^^

    courage, i hope you will manage to finish all you want on time

    1. Thanks so much. The good news is this will all be over on 6 April. Oh then I'll get to working on your gift. :)

    2. Don't worry i really don't mind waiting, your work is more important. You still have a little time then before 6 april but if you are like me it's never enough ( with teh news ideas that add up etc ^^)

      i enjoy when you give us some info like that you can see the evolution etc


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