Tour Stop {Review/ Giveaway}: Purgatory Reign by L.M. Preston

Purgatory ReignPurgatory Reign
by L.M. Preston
Paperback, 307 pages
Expected publication: May 18th 2013 by Phenomenal One Press
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Something evil this way comes...sadly for it, Peter Saints awaits. Peter Saint’s life stinks. But things are about to get much worst. First, his parents are murdered in front of him. Then another victim dies in his arms. Visions plague Peter with warnings that something wants him for a sinister cause. It desires the one thing that Peter refuses to give—his blood. Peter carries within him the one gift or curse that could unlock a secret to destroy the human race. On the run with Angel, a scruffy kid, Peter starts to unravel the mystery. It’s the one treasure the heavens sought to hide from the world. Unfortunately, when Peter finds the answer that he hopes will save the girl he loves, he opens the door to a great evil that happens to be salivating to meet him.

About the Author

L.M. Preston loved to create poetry and short-stories as a young girl. She worked in the IT field as a Techie and Educator for over sixteen years. Her passion for writing science fiction was born under the encouragement of her husband who was a Sci-Fi buff and her four kids. Her obsessive desire to write and create stories of young people who overcome unbelievable odds feeds her creation of multiple series for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers thirsty for an adventure. She loves to write while on the porch watching her kids play or when she is traveling, which is another passion that encouraged her writing. 
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Peter Saint! "Saint" is in his name....not so saintly personality.  Peter is an orphan, but he's not your musical singing, high hopes, looking for a new family type of guy.  He is parentless and mad as hell. He's forced from yet another home (the orphanage)  after the death of a street kid and it on the run with no apparent mission.  While wondering aimlessly, he meets up with teens of similar misfortune and embark on a journey with unimaginable evil nipping at their heels.

On first introduction Peter intimidated me tremendously.  I mean there was absolutely no ray of hope for this kid.  He's seen death far too many times and is convinced he's a bad omen. He's sullen and pushes everyone away with this temper and constant rage. Then slowly but surely his sensitive side peaks in small bursts until it's overflowing. The object of his affection and romance wasn't very surprising.  I have to admit I sort of predicted and anticipated the moment.  What I did enjoy, however is how the pawns were played.  It wasn't intense to the point of obviation to the dangers around them.

The mystery and suspense of Purgatory Reign was well drawn out.  Not even the characters realized the extent of the dangers they faced or even the reasons.  The reader discovers the intricate plot piece by excruciating piece.  Without giving too much away, I'll say Purgatory Reign is a story about good and evil....demons and angels....physical realm and spiritual realm.  I've read many novels concerning these points but has never seen it portrayed quite like it is here.  Purgatory Reign is a highly original story. Science Fiction fans will just eat this up!

Big thanks to the author for entrusting me with an honest review!


  1. Katrina, so glad you enjoyed L.M.'s fresh take on suspense. Thanks for the wonderful review :)

  2. Thanks so much for giving it a read and I'm glad you enjoyed it :-D

  3. I like the way this book sounds!
    Exactly the kind of book I can fall in love with!
    Thanks for the great review!
    -Martha @


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