What I learned from Sunday’s Casting Call

I went to the Baltimore Fashion Week 1st model casting call, and there's a few lessons I took away from the experience.

BE EARLY!  Showing up on time is late and showing up late will get you sent home without an audition.  Unless told otherwise 1 hour early is a safe bet.  I was 10 minutes early and still was the last to arrive.

Bring your casting call notice invitation and/or email.  Directors and producers work with A LOT of names and they don’t always remember everybody they’ve had correspondence with.  When I arrived I noticed that all the models wore marathon race numbers pined to their clothes.  There were so many they weren’t addressed by their names but their numbers.  Bringing documentation is your safe bet. 

Smile and say “hello”.  Industry personnel aren’t known for being friendly but that doesn’t mean everyone’s a Bitch.  Most times they’re just as stressed or just as nervous as the models auditioning.   Be the first to smile and/or say “hello” and that’ll ease a lot of the tension right there. 

Don’t volunteer too much information.  This is something I desperately need to work on.  Okay I admit it, I talk too much.  When I’m nervous I talk even more.  I can’t help it and I get frustrated when I can’t finish a thought.  Like when I’m interrupted mid-sentence.  You better believe I’m going to remember where I left off even when I can’t resume talking until hours later.  So just try not to be that one annoying chatter box and avoid the following topics:
  • Your financial woes
  • Your health ailments
  • Your family
  • Anything too personal
  • Oh and try not to repeat yourself.

You are not a judge, so try not to be.  Don’t be that one person on the cast pointing out model flaws and/or perfections.  That’s not your job.  And even if it is, write it down.  It’s just plain unprofessional to broadcast your opinions in a room full of hopefuls.

Put your cameras away.  In the event you are either auditioning or apart of the crew; you can’t go around taking candid pictures of the models.  I learned this tidbit a long time ago.  Did you know a model can sue for you taking his/her unofficial photo at an event?  If said photo appeared on a social network or public access, that model would have a case.  Unless given permission from the event sponsors, just don’t do it.

There’s a lot more I would like to share, but I’ll save it for another post. 

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