A Gift for Miki! #RAK

In February, Miki @ Lecture Aventure gave me a very special RAK birthday gift.  It was a homemade bookmark.  It was so nice and very sweet.  I'm a very sentimental person and this gesture made me cry. 

It also prompted me to make a vow to repay Miki with crafted gift of my own.  My specialty is formal gowns, but I wanted to gift something practical so I thought of a purse.  I, myself, am a huge fan of coin pouches.  Here's a few of my earlier drafts:

I even designed this uber cute heart pouch

But I wanted to consider Miki's lifestyle needs.  After chatting via email I found out that Miki normally carry a backpack mainly to care for her sibling.  I wanted to give her something stylish and accommodatable.  When I went back to the fabric store, I was disappointed to find that all the pretty Black & white material was sold out.  All except 4 inches.  

So I went back to the drawing board and thought of Miki.  I looked at the colors on her blog and reread our online conversations.  In the end this was my new color combo:

 Using canvas print, metallic fashion foil and yellow vinyl.

I spent much of today free handing this purse.  
I wanted it to be a cross from a coin purse, a backpack, and a hobo bag.

Here's the end result:
This chain is metal, not plastic.

I added pleating details on the front.

It didn't show up well here, but I added my "Kindred Dreamheart" label:
I used a heavy duty zipper.  It gets snagged sometimes but it's durable.

I plan to mail this pretty out on Monday.

I really hope she likes it.

This was so much fun, I'm strongly considering making a line of Kindred Dreamheart handbags.



  1. you did make me cry now ^^ it's fabulous and i do love the color ( a lot more than the black and white fabric so really fate did well) it so perfect thank you so so much!

  2. THIS is what RAK is all about! Doing something kind, special and unselfish for someone else. Your girls are an inspiration! Thank you so much for being a part of RAK <3

    Katrina, you are very talented! Your gift is going to someone very deserving! Keep up the great work :)

    Isalys & Vanessa
    Book Soulmates

  3. Wow Katrina,

    That is a BEAUTIFUL bag! I'd love to own one with the great pattern too. And yes, miki is truly deserving of it. We chat a lot online as well so you're very right about that.

    I think you really should get into making bags. The colour combo is lovely and fun! Very spring-y too.

    Happy RAKing!!


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