Dreamheart Spotlight # 38

"I am a very laid back person with a perverse yet very artistic mind. The pieces I create are abstract, erotic, and beautiful and sometimes I put all of that into one image. I sometimes create illusions with these pieces," said entreprenuer, Kalvin "The Camera" Webb.

This self employed patriarch wears many hats to include photographer, fashion designer, magazine founder, and artist.

On a typical weekday, Kalvin's schedule is pre-booked and most major tasks are accomplished well before noon.

"I wake up, get on the computer and start editing, sending out emails for model interviews read submission emails and scout new talent," he said.

His total weekly hourly workload is uncalculable. "...it's none stop", he mused, "I work in my sleep."

"I am self employed but will work whatever job that will allow me to continue my grind with my own endeavors," he said. "Working for someone else is often times a headache from being underpaid, over worked and routine. Whereas working for self I set my own hours and work hard for my future with insight on how long or how much I can bared the work load."

Kalvin's first buisness venture delved in photographry.

"After watching the movie Love Jones thats is what inspired me to do photography," he said.

"I studied in Washington, DC where I learned everything myself through hands on experience no books no classes and no workshop just a few tips from Cliff Young, university photographer, at the University of DC and continued my study in Atlanta, GA," he said.

To measure the progress of his works, Kalvin often looked to the works of his mentors, such as Playboy.

"I basically compared my work to others until I saw that I was going in the right direction," he said.  "Moments are captured through photography which memories are kept stronger just by looking at an image. So it is important to also have photography a way to freeze time and mentally go back into the past. With photos you can tell a story but with videos the story is already being told."

When the mood suits him, Kalvin can be found tucked away writing about love, sex, and sometimes the problems in the world.
Sample of Kalvin's Writing:
"With no strings attached, I need you. This wireless connection flows through my vanes like rivers of a paradise. I want to hear it like a heart beats through bodies of people, Loud and Deep! I need you. To the baseline of the drum, to rhythm of the beat pulsating through my vanes this untainted bond of emotions we seek. It pumps my brain to go insane without it. These vines are rooted to the earths core. Never a bore this wireless connection we share, but its becoming even harder to bare. I need you. Like a car needs land, I can't drive without you. Freedom is the quest and I'm not leaving without you. Making history with all the idiosyncratic and unpredictable characteristics of this connection. Bouncing on the sound waves of tomorrow. Wired no more to the guitar of the rock star nor the piano and violinist. All are silenced as I say it with my chest. I need you, meaningful music with no strings attached we stay wirelessly connected."

"I had my word published when I was in the 7th grade in the Southwestern a local newspaper in Washington, DC," he said; "And I do plan to put out a few books of poetry and to write a novel or two."

A dormant talent of Kalvin's is fashion design. "I attended AIU and studied both design and marketing. I have taken CAD, Collections, pattern making, basic sewing, trend forecasting, fashion merchandising just to name a few," he said.  "I design gowns and dress for women, because I see the most beauty in a woman wear them than in any other outfit."

"Right now I have no goals as a designer", Kalvin said. "I have a different outlook on things now so I am working on new goals as a designer. I have invested my time into a Golden Honey."

"Golden Honey" is the name of Kalvin's magazine.

"I started Golden Honey because I wanted to delivery on my promises. I had a magazine reach out to me via model mayhem in reference to submitting some of my work to be polished. I got a few models in front of my lens, shot them specifically for that mag, sent the images over and got no response. So I started Golden Honey. The idea for Golden Honey Magazine was simple. I wanted men to learn more about women, treat them better and to help them understand what kind of woman they really want. The only thing I knew that would hold their attention was naked women. Seeing each girl and reading the interviews will have them wanting to meet the girl. So I made it a softer spin of Playboy Magazine. Althought the ladies are in the nude they still do not expose everything. They keep all privates (nipples/vagina's) covered or hidden."

Kalvin's most successful form of marketing has been via social medias Twitter, Facebook, and instagram.

While fulfilling, Kalvin's ventures have posed issues that he wish to advise others.

"Moving to fast for myself, that is the biggest mistake anybody could make", he said.

"[Damage Control includes]...hiring a full and knowledgeable staff and also by slowing down enough to see my mistakes early enough to correct them."

Above all Kalvin considers himself "an artist".

"Its all depends on my mood and what I have available to me, my camera, paint, pen or pencil, paper canvas, concrete, a door or wall whatever. However, lately its been all camera and digital art," he said.

"I am just an Artist that uses the camera as a medium."

Want to know more about this Dreamheart?
To contact  Kalvin "The Camera" Webb for booking and/or additional information:



www.facebook.com/phlavorphotography www.facebook.com/goldenhoneymagazine www.facebook.com/kalvinwebb


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