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Greetings. Tis the season to be different. Time out for everyone pulling clothes out of one huge collective closet. I’m am not the greatest in the world when it comes to fashion but I do know what accentuates my body and what makes an impression. To my brothers out there – fellas, our clothes are meant to fit, not hang off of us. Also, there is a difference in “tight” and “fitting.” Also, add a little color sometimes. Go outside your normal boundaries with your attire. You make the clothes a statement, not the other way around. A couple of things you have to have in the shopping bag – nice pair of chinos, an eye-catching watch, a great pair of denims, and an awesome pair of casual shoes. Dare to do something different this year with your style. Push the envelope and truly express your individuality.

Always "Just Chic Enough"!
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  1. I so agree with you Tony. Men need to realize fashion does apply to them.


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