Sewing Summaries and Design Dreams

Hello beautiful! My posts have been on auto pilot for the past week but I'll be back in chattering force soon enough.  I've gotten enough exposure from the runway show earlier this month that I have a few promising assignments lined up.  Yay!  So I can't wait to bring you behind the scene peaks and other fun stuff. Be sure to check out my Facebook page to see photos from the charity benefit runway event.   Like I said, it's been a very busy week for me stitch wise!  I've been prepping for a new photo shoot happening this Sunday.  Check out some of my latest draped silhouette experiments:

I'm also working on a new purse:

More Good News:
I've got an acceptance letter.

I'm studying Fiber with a concentration in Experimental Fashion in the Fall. 
Whoop! Whoop!

Thank you so much for logging on and checking this post out.  Your viewer support is awesome.



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