Dreamheart Spotlight #39

From Grams to Glam!

15 year old, former child model, Jazmin Brown is making leaps in the fashion industry.

“I design for children and adults. Love dresses and flowy outfits with trains. Love sequins and feathers also”, she mused. “ My slogan is "Its your destiny. Wear Deztani by Jazmin Brown" I do have a logo."

" I used to be a model from the age of 7", Jazmin said.  "I knew then I wanted to be a designer."

By way of Garfield NJ, this designer received public recognition from her role in the national commercial for grahamfuls crackers. Now Jazmin has her sights set on the styling the catwalk while sending a positive message to the community.

“What makes my line different is that I make sure my Jazzybabies and Jazzymodels all look like celebrities. Every little/teen girl loves to be beautiful and that is what I make sure they feel,” she said.

“We keep everything very positive and I even make sure my jazzybabies grades are on point. If you wanna be a model you have to make sure your grades are right. “

This young starlet doesn’t plan to fly by the seat of her pants, but opts for formal training within the field.

“I have taken a few classes already at F I T. They offer classes now for younger students. I also major in graphic design at my school Bergen Tech Paramus”, she said.

“My goals is to branch out to New York . I want a mentor. Possibly from MBFW. To teach me the business. I want to learn, learn, learn “.

Jazmin’s not pausing at the wardrobe but plans to also invade your book shelves. She recently had a casting call in conjunction with her magazine release at the beautiful Venetian catering hall in Garfield.

“I’ll have magazine release party info [soon]…201family magazine all over five six different counties in NJ and NY”, she said.

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Facebook: Jazmin Brown
Twitter: @jazminbdeztani
Instagram: jazmindeztanicollection

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