Spring is the Season of Sweat

When I first left the military I promised myself that I wouldn't become lazy.  I swore never to touch a fatty cake.  “I don’t even like fatty cakes”, I said. “I’ll still rise at oh’dark thirty, pushing and stomping the ground.  And I’m not giving up my six pack abs.”

Que the montage:  College....Work....Marriage....

A little over a year later….I am what I feared.  Fatty cakes are my comfort food when I’m stressed. I’m a potato chip for dinner snacking-winded walking up one flight of stairs- fatty cake eating- elevator riding-mailbox driving-drill sergeant bait.  If I went back to basic training today, they would eat me alive.  I would be a slobbering mess of sweat, snot, dirt, and tears in the end.

My excuse for months have been I’m too busy or I’d rather read.  The sad part is I can be found on most days on the couch eating chip and dip while listening to an audio book.  So clearly my excuses are lame.  (((Perhaps I can take my audio book on a short jog, but ummm maybe tomorrow.)))

*Sigh* It’s really sad.  I’ve always been an over achiever and I’m not accustomed to lying to myself.  I guess I just never realized how difficult it would actually be without a drill sergeant breathing down my neck.  

One of the most discouraging things I've heard every time  talk about my bad habits and poor health choices, I get crazy looks and "You're already skinny." Or "You can do that because you're thin"; "You don't need to work out."  But outward appearances can be so deceiving. 

I get just as many crazy looks when I go to the doctors office and is subject to vital checks.  The nurses and doctors ask "Do you smoke? Drink?  Work out?" Of course my answer is "No. Sometimes. Ummm, I've been meaning to do that."  Needless to say they encourage me to get exercise back into my routine. I just nod and continue doing what I do.  I mean unless the doc has to write a prescription for it it can't be that serious. Right?  *LOL* Naw, I'd better take heed.

Well it’s Spring!  Time for Spring cleaning.  Cleaning up my body and my way of thinking.  I’m having a yard sale for my many excuses because I’m all out of storage space.  Time to make room for “Motivation”!  I’m going to set a physical goal for myself and actively reach to achieve it. 

My goal is to
Be my own personal best. i'm a military veteran. my short term goal is to get back to my glory days: 50 push ups in 2 minutes; 75 sit ups in 2 minutes; and 2 mile run in 16:20 minutes. my long term goal is to be a serious contender for a physique figure fitness contest. 

I may not actually compete in the physique figure fitness contest but it'll be nice to know that I could if I was confident enough to strut on stage in a string bikini wanted.
I WILL. & Under Armour is my help.

I’ve signed up for the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge.

Today is Day 4 for me.  Starting today and every Wednesday, I’ll share a weekly progress report. 

I've done some online shopping for the occasion and I'm waiting for this to arrive:
My New Gear #IWill
Buy here:
My New Work Out Toys #IWill
Buy here:

Progress Report:

Day 1
"Rotations, Stretching, & Cardio"

Day 2
"Rest & Research"

Day 3
"Upper Body"

Day 4
"Rest & Report"

Thanks for stopping by today.  I sincerely hope I can encourage you guys and gals of ALL sizes to get more active. There's no time like today!


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