Tour Stop {Guest Post/ Giveaway}: Twisted Summer by Lucy V. Morgan

Twisted SummerTwisted Summer
by Lucy V. Morgan
Published April 2013
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A dark New Adult romance
You have to understand that we never meant for it to happen. We knew it was stupid. We knew it was wrong.
Eighteen-year-old Danni Warren has big plans for her last summer before college: a cool job, a concert she wouldn’t miss for the world, and spending time with her beautiful girlfriend, Esme. But after one hell of an argument, Danni’s mother packs her off to stay with her estranged step-uncle, Gabe, in his lodge on the English coast. So begins a weekend of the worst punishment imaginable: no phone signal.
With his sun kissed good looks and sarcastic manner, twenty-nine-year-old Gabe Asher isn’t anything like Danni expected. She wants to hate him—he’s her punishment for standing up to her mother—but between surfing lessons and beach hikes, Gabe and Danni grow close. Maybe too close.
Now Danni’s questioning everything: old family secrets, her future, her strained relationship with Esme. One sun stained afternoon, Gabe and Danni go too far. And then everything else falls apart…

About the Author

Lucy writes sharp contemporary fiction, usually with a liberal splatter of filth. She is a Lyrical Press author and a screenwriter.
Her upcoming new adult novel, TWISTED SUMMER, is a gutsy take on forbidden love starring an even gutsier heroine.
Her contemporary series, encompassing CHAIRMAN OF THE WHORED and THE WHORED'S PRAYER, features slick London lawyers with a penchant for sensual violence. It's definitely on the darker side. BEAUTIFUL MESS, her current release, is a snarky, sexy friends-to-lovers romp.
Lucy is currently working on new novels, and is developing a paranormal television series with producers (think The Vampire Diaries meets The 4400).
She is still trying to kick her dirty Pepsi habit. |
The transformation wardrobe of  Danni.

 I'm afraid Danni mostly dresses very casually; this may not be as cool as the images for The Selection! Ahem...

Danni is about 5'6" with a very ample chest (much to her own annoyance). She has shoulder-length wavy brunette hair and blue eyes. She has a very surfy, slightly girly style. At the end of the book, she's working in an office, so has smartened up a bit.

Accompanying quotes are in italics.

The transformation wardrobe of Danni (Stage 1)
Fuck you, Gabe. You ruined me. Or (if you'd rather not have the cussing!), The sunshine was glorious again; it poured down from the clouds and into every pore of me. I wore only denim cut-offs and a vest, but even the lining of my throat throbbed with heat as we set off along the top of the cliff.
Get Danni's Look:

Danni In Love
The transformation wardrobe of Danni (Stage 2)

We walked down to the beach with knotted fingers, enjoying the cloying heat of the afternoon. Gabe held my skirt down when the breeze threatened to expose me and he brought my knuckles up for kisses every few moments, as if he couldn’t get his fill of them.

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Danni On The Beach
The transformation wardrobe of Danni (Stage 3)

“Maybe you can come watch us rub sun lotion on each other tomorrow. We’ll be down here, on the beach. In our little bikinis. You’ve never seen me in one of those, huh?”
“I’m warning you, Danni.” He swallowed again and dropped his grasp of my ass. His hands lingered lightly on my hips. “Behave yourself.” 
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Danni...all grown up (at the end of the book)
The transformation wardrobe of Danni (Stage 4)
I kick off my heels—yep, I now wear heels—and pad over to him, wrapping my arms around his narrow waist. “Thank you for painting. And for trying to get out of cooking in a sweet but lazy fashion.”
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*The prize pack includes A beach bag by pro surf brand Brakeburn, Korres Cherry Lip Gloss, Signed print copy of Twisted Summer, and Luxury chocolate bars from Choccacino Devon.

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  1. This is a wonderful & fun guest post!

  2. What a fund guest post. Thanks for sharing it. Summer is fun, the kids are home from school, we stay outside most of the time. :)

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  3. I love seeing the character outfit choices. What a fun Guest post!!

    Kristin@Blood,Sweat and Books

  4. I love the sound of this book! What do I love about Summer? Sun-bathing! And reading on the beach! Yeah!

    Thaks for the awesome giveaway!

    Charlie xx

  5. In my country, it's now Winter, and I'm dreadfully missing the warmth! Love Summer temperatures; perfect for the beach!



  6. Summer allows me and many others to relax. Yes there's still work to be done but not like the rest of the year.

  7. I love to ride with the windows down, the AC off in the car and the radio blaring to either rock or chill music with my left arm out the window baking in the sun! Driving kinda fast down a long straight road.'s practically heaven, LOL. I love it!!! It's my favorite part of summer.

    Second favorite part would be laying out in the sun for an hour or two reading...soaking up some rays, and then suddenly jumping into either the pool or lake and the way my uber warm skin feels when it hit the icy waters!!!!

  8. Thanks for having this give away! The book sounds really good!!


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