Character Interview: Adam from the Heartbeat trilogy by Faith Sullivan

So my journey in the Heartbeat series has been an intense one. I've undergone many emotions. In the sequel "Come What May" I began to question my unhealthy obsession with the male protagonist. I'm not going to lie folks, he was not the guy I thought he was. Yet instead of wringing my hands, I WANT ANSWERS!  So I reached out to Adam's agent Faith Sullivan and asked if she could pencil me in for lunch with heartthrob paramedic.

So anyway, I'm at this nice little cafe at New York waiting for him, checking my watch periodically when out of nowhere he's here. At first I didn't notice him, because I'm so used to the t-shirt and slacks. But hot diggaty if he doesn't clean up well.
Me- Hello Adam so nice of you to meet with me. How are you?

Adam- Tired. I just pulled a twelve-hour shift that I never thought would end.

Me- Aww. Well I'll try not to hold you to long. How about some coffee? *Calls over waitress & places order for two cups* Okay where were we? Ah yes, so I've been a huge fan of yours dating back to Katie's account in Heartbeat. Was all of that a lie? No....let me rephrase, are you aware of the events that occurred in Heartbeat? No, wait... does the way you were portrayed according to Katie true to life?

HeartbeatAdam- Thanks. I need a shot of caffeine right about now. *scratches the back of his head* Was it a lie? Not exactly. I mean who doesn't want to live up to the perfect version a girl has of you in her head? Do I have some of those qualities? Sure. Do I let down my guard and let them show? Not so much. It was Katie's projection of me of who she thought I was. Now I guess I have to do a better job of living up to it.
Me- *Swoons (((Thinking: that's sooooo sweet. He's so freaking hot!)))* *Snap out of the daze* Okay! *clears throat*

My Mom always said, Pretty boys are TROUBLE!" And Adam you are a heart breaker by simply walking into a room full of women.... There's only one of you. *Wink* However, you were quite, as Austin Powers would say, "randy" in Come What May. That may be a turn off for the ladies that fell in love with your gentler side in Heartbeat. What do you have to say for yourself?

Adam- I have no good defense except to say that I'm a guy. I'm no saint. Do I make a lot of stupid decisions? Yeah, but I'm starting to pay the price for them now. I'm pretty bad at handling my emotions. I tend to act out instead of dealing with them in...what should I say....a more healthy way? Maybe if I got a chance to know Katie, things would be different. I might try harder to be the person she imagines I could be.

Me- When it comes to women, do you have a type? What's your ideal dating material?

Adam- I'll be honest. I don't really have a type. I'm attracted to a wide variety of women. That's my problem. And I don't really date, not since April dumped my ass back in California. She was the only person I've ever had a committed relationship with. She burned me and it wasn't something I was looking to get back into anytime soon. I like to keep things casual, not get too serious. Unless of course I met the right girl...

Me-  *(((Thinking: hummm I wonder if he thinks I'm cute! Uh, oh I'm staring....time for the next question.)))*

I hate to be all in your love life, but what's the deal with you and Jada?

Adam- Jada is something special. She's the friend I needed to rein me in when I was spiraling out of control. She's had such a positive influence over me and I don't even think she knows it. I'm telling you if Jada didn't walk into my life when she did, I don't know where the hell I'd be now. She put the brakes on my skid, that's for damn sure. She's the last person in the world I want to take advantage of though. I get the impression that she's kind of into me and I don't want to be a dick and lead her on. Something almost happened between us in that hotel room. It was a moment of weakness and I shouldn't have let it get that far.

Come What May (Heartbeat, #2)
Me-I was kind of confused midway through Come What May. When did you transition from morning a failed assignment to morning a lost love? It's like your while internal dialect changed abruptly.

Adam- I don't know, man. It felt like I was somehow getting to know Katie better through my dreams. It's like we were communicating on this whole other level. It literally freaked me out when I was resisting it and viewing her more as a victim. When I decided to try to communicate with her, it's like things changed and she was sending me an important message about love, that it does have some kind of power over you even after death.

Me- Do you believe in second chances? With love? With life? With redemption in general?

Adam- I hope so, or I'm screwed. I really messed up with Jada, with Brian and Kelly, with just about everyone in my life. I'm going to have to turn things around somehow, make amends. I've hurt a lot of people by only thinking about myself. It's time for that to end. I have to pull myself together because I owe it to all of them.

Me-  If you could paint the perfect future, what would it look like?

Adam- The future scares the hell out of me. I honestly don't know what to think or believe anymore. You're catching me at a bad time actually. My head is still spinning. But if I had to give you an answer, I'd want things to feel normal again. That's it. I just want the world to make sense.

Me- I know you've been in love and I know you know heart ache. I truly hope you are able to find true love again. Thank you to taking the time to meet with me today.

Adam- Hey, no problem, Katrina. Glad that there's someone out there rooting for me.

Find out more about Adam by reading the Heartbeat trilogy:
Heartbeat (Heartbeat #1) by Faith Sullivan
Come What May (Heartbeat #2) by Faith Sullivan
Goodreads  | Kindle ($2.99) | Amazon (paperback) ($6.99)

I Am Yours (Heartbeat #3) by Faith Sullivan
Expected publication: October 2013


  1. Katrina, thanks for meeting up with Adam. What an enjoyable interview! :-)

  2. Great interview! Adam is such a great character.

  3. Swoon! Can't wait for the next book and more Adam!

  4. Loved the interview. Thanks for sharing!


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