Dreamheart Spotlight Update # 6

Ever since my interview with Katja Glieson (Dreamheart Spotlight # 36 ) I've been somewhat of a fan girl.  So it was an absolute thrill to get  notice of her very first offical single release:


Katja says Peek a Boo & yes we see you!   


  1. Ahhh now you got you an interview for something big about to happen! And awesome to see you have put up the notice on the release of Peek a Boo! Right here folks, right here Katrina is the first or one of the first to interview and make an announcement on Katja Glieson. Remember this one! Katrina , you will be sitting back not to long from now saying, yeah I remember Katja, we go back and that dress she is wearing at the music awards, I ( Katrina) designed it!!


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