Project Super Shears is HERE to save the day!

I'm all done with this client mock up and since the BIG revealing is tonight in DC, I figured I'd have an online reveal at the same time!  

This 100% Vegan leather and suede.  
No cows were harmed in the making of this garment!

Big Thanks to my inspiration, Nappa, Dragon Balls Z and my friends, the game freaks.

If you're in the DC area right now, 
come on over and see this in person.
Here's your invitation! 
(Tell them "Katrina" sent you!)
Click the image for more details:

See my journey here:


  1. if i was in Dc i would have loved to attend just for support ^^

    it's really cute and for me you have fullfilled the assignement above expectations^^ it's a heroic feel to it without a doubt

  2. I'm a big DBZ fan and you did a great job with the outfit. Can't be there but wish you best of luck. You have a great husband.


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