{Book Review}: Broken Wings by Cameo Renae

Broken Wings (Hidden Wings, #2)Broken Wings (Hidden Wings, #2)
by Cameo Renae
Published June 1st 2013
by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Emma’s world is falling apart, and Kade, the only one who seems to hold her together, is missing. With death lingering right outside their door, decisions must be made before it’s too late.
The Midway has refused to send help, so they are left to seek out the only other who can stop Lucian.
A perilous quest sends Emma and a few Guardians into the Underworld, where the unimaginable abide, to beseech the Prince of Darkness himself. Lucifer.
Now, they must endure the deadly levels of Hell, which not one …mortal or immortal… has ever survived.
Prepare for love, loss, and the unexpected.

Broken Wings was a darker story compared to the first two segments of this series. But that is to be expecting since our destined half breed heroine has to travel to Hell to make a deal with the devil in order to save all of those she love. Majority of this story is among the many levels of damnation. I can honestly say, each level was just as surprising as the actions that took place within them. We see a transformation of Emma as she embraces her strengths, recognizes her weakness and comes to terms with the unfairness of decisions others have made that she cannot change. One perplexing angle that emerges is somehow Kade is put on an even playing field. While he is very much vulnerable he is now obtainable! I wanted to shout for joy and yet at the same time ball my eyes out. An very unexpected twist was the introduction of new characters, villians and a possible love triangle. I did not see that coming. While love triangle can be tiresome, this one is not your mundane love triangle and may prove to be highly entertaining to watch unfold. My only complaint with this story is there was one inconsistency. I don’t want to divulge too much information, but in the beginning decisions and justifications were made on who would travel with Emma. Later in the story something happened that completely invalidated the information presented. All and all I enjoyed this novel and would be curious to see what happens next.


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