A Sneak Peek into the Wardrobe of Antithesis by Kacey Vanderkarr [& Giveaway]

I dug into the heavy bag and pulled out a shirt and jeans. The shirt was a black button up with a ruffle along the bottom. The jeans were skinny, and the right size. I set them on the bed. He bought me clothes! I wanted to jump up and down.
“Keep going,” he said, a devilish smile in his voice.
I pulled out the tissue paper and found a few pairs of underwear and a front-close bra. They all matched, teal with purple stars. At the bottom of the bag was a pair of black boots, two pairs of socks, and a backpack. Why did that make me want to cry?
“You got me ass-kicking boots,” I murmured, still holding the bra.
“And underwear.” Liam took the bra from me, dangling it by the strap from one finger. “Want to model for me?”
Gavyn's Fashion
He led me back up the stairs and waited outside while I changed into the jeans and tank top he’d taken out of the closet. Apparently this world’s Gavyn was exactly the same size as me. In fact, I was pretty sure I had these jeans—in a different wash—at home. The tank top was teal, yet another choice I would’ve made for myself. I rummaged through the drawers until I found a front-closure bra. Stupid two-armed Gavyn only had one.
We’d never get along.
When I finished, I opened the door and handed Liam a hairbrush I’d taken from the dresser. He took it, confused.
“Look, I don’t like asking for help, but I seriously can’t put my hair up by myself.”
“Why not?” he asked, holding the brush with two fingers like it had cooties. I stared at him, wondering if he was mentally incompetent. His gaze traveled from my eyes to the stump of my left arm. “Oh, right.”
Antithesis look 2

About the Novel
by Kacey Vanderkarr
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My name is Gavyn.
Liam doesn’t care that I only have one arm. He actually likes my red hair and freckles. I might forgive him for kidnapping me.
My name is Gavyn.
I lost my Liam. I’ve lost them all. And now it’s my job to make sure they don’t show up again.
My name is Gavyn.
I had a life with Liam, but he couldn’t give me what I need. Then I killed his father. I don’t expect he’ll forgive me for that.
My name is Gavyn.

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  1. This book is creepy but awesome! Love the cover!

    Please copy and read this link on homophobia cancelling a book deal. Especially if you know blogger David King: http://www.davidpowersking.com/2013/08/unwoven-how-one-word-lead-to.html

  2. Thank you Katrina! I was a little unsure about this entire idea, but I have to say, your posts are awesome! I love the fashion boards. It's a really cool idea. Thanks again!

  3. Have to agree with Kacey! Fab idea and really works.

    Thank you for hosting today.

  4. This book sounds so strange, but so fun!


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