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Welcome to Novel Fashion Week!  I'm so glad you could join us on the the kick off of this event. This hour's designer is House of Derrolyn Anderson presenting her Collection: The Inspiration for Aunt Evie, by way of CyberSpace! 
Novel Fashion Week- day 1

The Collection:

Aunt Janice
I was inspired by my three daughters to create my first book, the YA paranormal romance, “Between The Land And The Sea”. Working on that story made me fall in love with writing, and it ended up morphing into a four-part series, “Marina’s Tales”. In honor of fashion week, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the most fashionable character in the books, the rich, famous, and oh so chic “Aunt Evie”.

My daughters love clothes, and I took note as they cut up my massive pile of Vogue magazines to create a giant collage on their bedroom wall. Their obsession with expensive designer labels led me to create a wish-fulfilling, fairy-godmother type character that could provide all of those luxurious things for my main character Marina. Aunt Evie gives Marina the trappings of wealth without actually making her a rich girl.

Evie (short for Evelyn) is a clotheshorse, a former high society “it” girl and fashion model, as well as a muse to up-and-coming designers. A wealthy widow, she lives to shop, and lavishes Marina with an embarrassing amount of the finest clothes and accessories that money can buy. What was really fun about writing her character was the fact that she was partially based on my real-life Aunt Janice.
A small town Midwestern girl, Janice came to New York City searching for fame and fortune in the “Mad Men” era 1950’s. She was quickly discovered, becoming a fashion model and signing with the famous Ford agency. She lived the high life in the big city, nightclubbing and mixing with the celebrities of the era. When work took Janice to France, she modeled for top Parisian designers and even appeared in a Louis Malle film, shown in flashbacks as the American “girl that got away”.
Artistic and creative, Janice eventually became a fashion designer herself, moving to San Francisco where she created a line of knitwear for the I. Magnin department stores. I remember traveling to the city as a child to visit the art-filled big city apartment where she gifted me with my very own set of Tarot cards. Her visits to our house were always filled with drama, and I prided myself on the fact that we were both Capricorns born in the year of the dragon.

Nowadays my aunt is a long retired grandmother, living in Arizona with a closet full of vintage Chanel suits and loads of glamorous memories. Unlike Evie, Janice didn’t marry for money, but she is rich in experience and memories, and every bit as interesting a character as the one she inspired! 

from the film “The Fire Within” Janice is the flashback blonde

The Novels Highlighted:
Between The Land And The Sea (Marina's Tales, #1)The Moon And The Tide (Marina's Tales, #2)The Fate Of The MuseThe Turning Tides (Marina's Tales, #4)
Between The Land And The Sea (Marina's Tales, #1) by Derrolyn Anderson Goodreads | Amazon

The Moon And The Tide (Marina's Tales, #2) by Derrolyn Anderson Goodreads | Amazon

The Fate of the Muse (Marina's Tales, #3) by Derrolyn Anderson Goodreads | Amazon

The Turning Tides (Marina's Tales, #4) by Derrolyn Anderson Goodreads | Amazon

Presented by The House of Derrolyn Anderson!

Door Prize:

To celebrate [Novel] Fashion week, I’d like to give away a set of the four “Marina’s Tales” e-books, along with an oceanic blue necklace. Dripping with sparkling azure resin crystals, it’s a fun and flashy necklace that any mermaid would love to wear…
Aunt Evie would most certainly approve! :)

Ends 8/8 @ Midnight
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  1. I love it! I really love just going back and looking at the fashions back then :)

    1. I agree Gaby, 50's & 60's retro is my favorite!

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    1. I accidently hit enter on the int. one. Im not sure if its allowed for US so please dont count that one. Sorry!

    2. That's fine. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. I love it. It's so much fun to see the evolution.

  4. I'm not a big fashion person at all. I think at 29, that's prolly not gonna change ;) But I love the idea of featuring fashions in books. The covers are usually what snag me in!

  5. I love fashion so I thinks it's awesome & fun!

  6. Fantastic idea! I'm loving it!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  7. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think it's an awesome combination of books and fashion. :D

  9. Love it! What a fun and unique idea.

    Tamara @ Shelf Addiction

  10. The idea is definitely cute and unique. I don't think I've come across this before. Thumbs up for orginality!

  11. I think this idea is fabulous! It combines 2 of my most favorite things, books and fashion! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Crystal Guidroz

  12. Novel Fashion Week is very novel! I've never encountered a blog series like this before.


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