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Strike a pose! Novel Fashion Week is the place to be!  This hour's designer is House of Kimberly Reid presenting her Collection: What to Wear: Girl Detective Edition,  by way of Dallas! 
The Collection:
What to Wear: Girl Detective Edition

by Kimberly Reid, author of the Langdon Prep YA mystery series

When Chanti Evans, star of the Langdon Prep YA mystery series, is on a case, wardrobe is more about comfort and blending in. She might be staking out a suspect’s favorite restaurant in the mall food court for hours, so it’s critical she wears comfortable clothes that don’t stand out. Yes, that goes against the point of being fashionable. But a girl detective’s fashion choices are still an important part of her investigative prep work, and she can be stylish while sleuthing on the QT.


Five days of the week, Chanti's wardrobe is limited to her Langdon Prep school uniform of plaid skirt (Burberry-inspired, perhaps?), white button-down oxford shirt, and crested blazer or sweater. Luckily everyone at school is wearing the same thing, so she has no problem blending in when running down leads on campus as she did in My Own Worst Frenemy. Chanti prefers the comfort of a sweater, but absolutely detests the saddle-oxfords, a requirement of the Langdon dress code. Headmistress Smythe will break out the ruler to check the skirt length if it looks a little short. You can tell from the pic below that Chanti will probably be busted for a short skirt infraction, and those huge hoop earrings are pushing the limits of “minimal” jewelry, but she will rock them until Smythe threatens her with a few demerits. After all, a girl needs to add her own style to an otherwise boooriiing outfit. Fortunately her crush, Marco Ruiz, looks good in anything, including khakis and a crested sweater vest.


Some of Chanti’s investigations happen in her own neighborhood of Denver Heights, thanks to bad-luck friends, sketchy frenemies, and downright criminal enemies. While the uniform helps her blend in around campus, it stands out on Aurora Avenue. If she needs to track down a lead right before or after school, which happens often in Sweet 16 to Life, she can just pull on the classic detective outerwear—the trench coat (bonus that the khaki color matches her uniform).

Sometimes even an amateur sleuth wants to stand out. On those days, Chanti leaves the khaki at home and breaks out this look-at-me yellow trench. The dressy hot-pink trench would have been perfect during her investigation-disguised-as-a-dinner date with Marco in Creeping with the Enemy.

Most of Chanti’s investigations are spur-of-the-moment, but when there’s a planned surveillance detail on the agenda, she usually dresses in layers underneath her trench. A spring day in Denver can start warm and sunny, but end with blizzard conditions. Chanti’s stakeout gear favorites include leggings, stretchy jeans, tees (tissue tees are perfect for layering!), and sweaters. Cute flats are her shoes of choice, but she’ll wear boots if it’s a cold, snowy day. Her footwear needs to be comfy to handle lots of standing around and walking, and rubber-soled for stealth. Her target would hear her coming in the clicking of high heels—a definite DON’T.

Chanti’s friend Michelle (a true fashion maven) would argue that our girl detective is the last person to be giving wardrobe advice, and Chanti is the first to admit she’s a bit style-challenged. But she does know sleuthing, and proves that she’s savvy when it comes to looking good while undercover.

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My Own Worst Frenemy (Langdon Prep #1)
by Kimberly Reid 
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Creeping With the Enemy (Langdon Prep #2)
by Kimberly Reid 
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Sweet 16 to Life (Langdon Prep #3) 
by Kimberly Reid 
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Presented by The House of Kimberly Reid!

Door Prize: 
One copy of each book in the Langdon Prep series.

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  1. These books look really good!

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  3. Would love to read these. You really don't see many black characters in YA.

  4. Yup, a trench coat is classic.

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  6. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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