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It's Monday, but that's okay!  I'm so glad you could join us this fine afternoon on day 5 of Novel Fashion Week .  Today's designer is House of Carla J.Hanna presenting her Collection: Young Hollywood Blvd., by way of Los Angeles! The runway song is Bruno Mars- "When I Was Your Man".
Novel Fashion Week- day 5

Que the Runway Song: 

The Collection: 
Simple curves thanks to the Spanx:

Introducing the Starlet Series, a snapshot of a teenaged Hollywood star's life as she gains independence from those who control her every move. This is not a paparazzi-laden story. It is a realistic, coming-of-age fiction. The actress is a Lawrence or Steinfeld, not a Lohan. She's an actress with the responsibility of the success of multi-million dollar projects - a product of Hollywood - a girl.

Starlet's Web's narrative is fast-paced to capture how demanding Hollywood is on a teen and how busy a child actor can be. It's a quick read with plot twists.

Starlet's Run moves more slowly on purpose. It's the calm after falling in love but also the time in a relationship when obstacles challenge the couple and inevitably force introspection and personal growth. As the protagonist gains self-awareness, she learns more about the characters around her and deals with health scares, revealing character choices and values.

Starlet's Light follows Lia to Wales, London, and Geneva while she films on location and deals with her health issues and finds serenity.

I hope this helps you decide which book to read and in what order. The quick read is Web. The deep read is Run. The sad but triumphant read is Light. The final book is Starlet's Totems, a work in process. ;-) -Carla

Excerpt from YA romance, Starlet's Web, book 1 of the Starlet Series:


“Darling, you look stunning from the back. I told you that you can pull off a plunging back.” Franz added, “You’ve got the best figure in the business.”
“But she’s seventeen,” Mom interrupted. “We’ve talked about this. Your job as her stylist is to maintain her brand as a wholesome teenaged actor.”
Franz’s face fell as I turned around so Mom could see the dress. Mom had the smooth, glowing skin of a woman in her late twenties even though she was forty.  She was Michelle Michael, Oscar winning actor and Hollywood sweetheart. We called ourselves ‘actors’.  The word “actress” was outdated. We all were actors, all equal, even though we females showed so much more skin.
“It looks great,” Mom concluded. “But cover her up, and she must wear a bra. Try the next, dear.”
Franz raised his eyebrows at me and the first designer who was messing with the back. We had two more gowns to try, complementary dresses from up-and-coming designers who were there for the gown selection. Mom and I were so busy that it was the only way we could arrange the dress fittings. The designer of the second dress put the second gown on me and fussed with the back zipper.
Mom responded, “No. You can’t just throw on some tulle at the bottom hem because I objected that the dress was too short. Thank you for your time. Next.”
The designer slouched. I wondered how many free man-hours it took to get to this point but agreed with Mom. He made a way too short dress with a plunging neckline and then slapped on some see-through scratchy fabric as a fix. Franz shook the designer’s hand while I stepped out of the dress.
Franz hurried to get me into the last dress. He whispered, “Darling, look more confident. Don’t show weakness, please.”
I smiled at him but his smile was gone, replaced by focused eyes and pursed lips. We entered the adjoining hotel room together.
Mom smiled, “Marie, please twirl.”
The dress felt heavy and confining. The train dragged from the weight and the bodice cut into my breasts.
“Franz, you know I love you but you struck out today. You’re the best stylist in the business but you’re getting weak, flaunting her curves. Be stronger.” Mom considered me again, “Darling, how does that one feel?”
“It’s fine, just heavy in the back. The bodice should be let out a little. It cuts into me.” I learned that it didn’t matter how the dress felt. She’d choose the one that accomplished the look she had in mind. Without much hope, I added, “The first dress is more comfy.”
Mom came over to me and pulled up on the dress. “Franz, she’s up for a Globe and an Oscar and is absolutely terrified that she will win. We need to make this as comfortable as possible.”
I played the Muse character in Jefferson’s Muse. She is a mythological muse who takes human form as an eighteen-year-old and never changes through time. She comes into the lives of men, inspires them, they love her, the men move on to greatness, and she tries again to find love and meaning for herself. I’m able to portray characters of different races because my natural features are so ambiguous. I can use makeup to darken or lighten my skin color for different characters, and my hair can be dyed or hidden under a wig.
She waved the designer to come over. “This is her Oscar gown. The bodice shows way too much cleavage. Remove the train to lighten the dress, and she needs straps. Put the weight on her shoulders.” She raised her eyebrows at Franz. “Fix the first dress for tonight.”

The Novels Highlighted: 
Starlet's Web (The Starlet Series, #1)Starlet's Run (The Starlet Series, #2)Starlet's Light (The Starlet Series, #3)
Starlet's Web (The Starlet Series, #1) by Carla J. Hanna Goodreads | Amazon 
Starlet's Run (The Starlet Series, #2) by Carla J. Hanna Goodreads | Amazon 
Starlet's Light (The Starlet #3)by Carla J. Hanna Goodreads | Amazon

This collection was presented by The House of Carla J.Hanna!

Door Prize:

Giveaway: one 3-novel ebook set of the Starlet Series, including Starlet's Web, Starlet's Run, and Starlet's Light in the ebook format of the winner's choice.
THIS IS AN US & International GIVEAWAY!
Ends 8/12 @ Midnight

See you on the next Catwalk! 
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  1. I want to read the novels.
    The kind of book I like.

  2. Definitely have to read these! Thanks for these great giveaways! :) Its fun to see all the posts!

  3. Oh the excerpt was really good! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I really like the simplicity of the covers.

  5. I like the sound of this book, how its a coming of age and realistic book rather than one thats over the top :D The covers are really sweet too!

    TY for the giveaway

  6. Thanks for the amazing excerpt & giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  7. Thank you all for participating in the Starlet Series giveaway! We had 103 entries! I look forward to sending the winner the ebooks in the format of her choice and am looking forward to seeing who won!

    Thanks a million for featuring me. You rock Katrina! Everyone should check out her fabulous fashions!


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