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This is the final day of Novel Fashion Week.  I'm so glad you could join us this afternoon! This hour's designer is House of Anna Silver presenting her Collection: Dystopian Chic,  by way of Karachi! The runway song is The Replacements - "Bastards Of Young".

Que the Runway Song:
The Collection:
Dystopian Chic

The style of OTHERBORN can be summed up in two words: dystopian chic. In fact, London describes her own apartment building in the beginning of the novel as having a “dystopian chic” that she’s come to identify with. But in the sense of fashion, that style is split three ways. There is the personal style of London herself and her friends. The reprocessed style of the walled cities. And the patchwork style of the Outroaders. We’ll break these down individually with some pictures to help the visualization process.

London’s Look:

As the main character, London’s personal sense of style goes a long way toward defining the look of her dystopian world. A little rebellious, London isn’t a fan of the status quo. That means she has a natural distaste for the reprocessed fabrics and sedate look of city-issue garb. Instead, she prefers a more organic, over-sized, dark look with a vintage streak. Combat boots and cargos are pretty standard for her, as are chunky knits and plus size sweaters. If London stepped out of Capital City and onto the runway, I imagine she’d look a little something like this.


London sports her own style, but the rest of the citizens in the walled cities are living on city-issue fare, garments supplied for free by the Tycoons and their puppet government. Most of these are made up of reprocessed fabrics, a word that implies the dark side of recycling. London refers to some of these looking like melted plastic, and as the author, I pictured the reprocessed textiles in two distinct looks. Synthetic blends with a more shiny, plastic vibe, like these.

And organic blends, which would naturally be more fragile and therefore more limited, available to those with better posts like Avery and her family. They would carry a sort of extreme homespun feel, like so.

Finally, there are the Outroaders, whose style is dictated by what’s available to them outside the city walls or what they can trade for on the underground Scrapper market. Essentially Scrappers themselves, Outroaders define the holistic, patchwork look that one would expect from a Scrapper, a scavenger of goods outside the sedated walls of the city. Fed a steady diet of sunshine and fresh air, the Outroaders are by contrast more vibrant and jubilant in their fashion, with a flair for asymmetry. Tora, the foremost Outroader character in OTHERBORN, might be best represented with a look like this.
While her fellow campers might be found in quirky pieces like this one.
Additionally, Outroaders are known for their crazy hairstyles. Here’s a few examples.

In the end, dystopian chic is less about the individual pieces, and more about what you do with them. Crazy, colorful combinations, texture overload, dark dregs, vintage finds, and individual instincts are all part of what makes us return to our favorite dystopian reads again and again.

The Novel Highlighted:
Otherborn (Otherborn, #1)Otherborn (Otherborn #1)
by Anna Silver
Published April 4th 2013 
by Sapphire Star Publishing
Available on Amazon!
London and her teenage friends live in a reprocessed world.
Confined within Capital City’s concrete walls, London has done the impossible and the illegal. She’s created something New- a song. But her mentor, club owner Pauly, is not impressed. Since the historic Energy Crisis forced everyone behind walls generations ago, the Tycoons have ensured there is truly nothing new allowed under the sun. Pauly warns London to keep her song to herself, if she knows what’s good for her. 
What he doesn’t know is that London is keeping an even bigger secret: she dreams. And she’s not alone. London’s band-mates and friends have begun dreaming as well, seeing themselves in “night pictures” as beings from another world. As Otherborn, they must piece together the story of their astral avatars, the Others, in order to save their world from a dreamless, hopeless future. 
When Pauly is murdered and an Otherborn goes missing, London realizes someone is hunting them down. Escaping along the Outroads, they brave the deserted Houselands with only their dreams to guide them. Can they find their friend before the assassin finds them? Will being Otherborn save their lives, or destroy them?

Presented by The House of Anna Silver!
Door Prize:

1 signed paperback copy of OTHERBORN

Ends 8/14 @ Midnight

Thanks so much for joining us! 
Stay Tuned for the After party!
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