"Style Embraced" with Scar

Scar's Intro
Scar is a very casual dresser who would choose to just wear jeans and a hoodie all the time if she were allowed to, but once she gets to Haven she is roomed with a girl who believes that a wardrobe should consist of more than just Scar’s two favourite pieces of clothing.
One style Scar sports in Shadow Embraced is a short black skirt with a halter top and in case it’s a bit cool outside she’s got  black denim jacket to put on. Since this is first date attire, Rayne, her roommate refused to let Scar out of the room in her usual hoodie and jeans combo, so spent ages playing ‘dolly’ as she perfected the exact outfit that would make Daemon’s mouth drool when he saw her.
Scar's Style

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Embellished top

Forever 21

Kimchi blue

The Novel

“What are you going to wear?” Rayne asks.“What? Won’t this do?” I look at myself in the mirror. My standard hoodie and jeans combo. If people see me and assume this is the only outfit I own, what of it? It’s a classic, and I like it.The thought of my upcoming date has left Rayne all bubbly and eager to help. She wants to dress me up like a dolly and parade me around, no doubt. The problem is, I’m not a very cooperative clotheshorse.“You need something that will make him notice you.” She riffles through my wardrobe, ignoring my comment. “I’d lend you some of mine, but I don’t think you’d fit.” She moves her hands up and down in front of her chest.Way to make me feel good about myself, Rayne.“Most of this stuff looks like it’s never been worn; what’s wrong with you?”I haven’t even looked at the clothes Elysium brought me since I unpacked them; Rayne’s lucky I did that much. I’m comfortable enough in what I have on. Maybe I can sneak out while she’s not looking.“Bingo!” shouting in triumph, Rayne emerges with a black skirt, purple halter-top and denim jacket. She tosses me the clothes, a victorious smile lighting her face. “Try these on.”I stare at the soft material in my hands. “I don’t know. I don’t do skirts.”“Trust me,” she says. “Wear this, and by tomorrow morning he’ll be your plaything.”Sigh. There’s no point in arguing with her. I should have made a break for it when I had the chance. I slip into the foreign clothes and turn to face the mirror. Now, there’s something I haven’t seen before. I actually have a figure.“You’re ready to go.” Rayne is so happy with her creation. She’s practically jumping up and down. Her enthusiasm dies as her eyes reach my chest. Rolling her eyes, she says, “Wait a minute... you sure you want to walk around with that thing hanging out? I mean, I’m not gonna stop you, but it doesn’t go with your outfit.”I glance down and see the locket, my little initiation present from Rome’s secret club. After that ‘test’ of theirs, I’ve been wearing it everywhere. It’s probably not a good idea to go flashing the things around for everyone to see, though, what with it being a secret and all.I remove the locket and shove it under my pillow. It shouldn’t matter if I don’t have it for the next couple of hours.I brush my hair – using a real brush – and make for the door. Rayne shakes her head and follows me out. I take a deep breath as I head downstairs to where Daemon is waiting in the common room.His glance meets mine and I can’t help but notice his jaw drop a little before he smiles.“Too much!” I start retreating up the stairs. “I’ll go change.”“No.” He reaches out and grabs my hand. “You look amazing.”Heat courses through my cheeks. I feel like nothing can ruin this moment. Rayne gives a brief squeak, overjoyed to know Daemon approves of her dolly.Memo to self: Kill her later.

The second style that Scar wears in Shadow Embraced is her combat attire that she uses when she’s challenged to a fight in one of the fight club fights. Since Rayne also had a hand in helping her choose her outfit, Scar is lucky she didn’t get stuck fighting in a short dress or something that would be equally uncomfortable to fight in. instead, Scar luckily talked Rayne into a pair of black fitted jeans and a jacket, something more suitable to fight in. Beneath the jacket she just wears a nice, thin tee so that it doesn’t slow down her moves any.
Scar's 2nd Style

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ByCORPUS mesh t shirt

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The Novel

I stagger, half-slumped over. Damn, he’s fast. Speedbug resumes his little hyper-dance.“At least put up a fight; if this ends after two hits no one will bother watching.” Tilting his head, he indicates the cameras mounted on the surrounding walls. More witch-tech, little black orbs with a lens encircled by a belt of small orange stones. “You can’t move up if nobody’s watching. So get up and fight.”Another lightning-fast strike, but this time I’m waiting. He’s not gonna get another sucker punch over on me. Dodging his attack, I kick out at his leg. I’m lucky I talked Rayne into letting me wear jeans and a jacket instead of the short dress she had her eyes on when she ventured into my closet again. It would be so awkward fighting in that.He claps like an over-excited monkey and sidesteps it with ease. “Good to see we’re on the same page. Let’s get started then.”
About the Novel:
Shadow Embraced (Haven, #1)Shadow Embraced (Haven #1)
by Cheree Smith
Published April 29th 2013
by Dark Cherry Press
No escape.
Those words haunt Scar's dreams. She thinks the creature that terrorises her while asleep isn't real, but when she's abducted and taken to a reform school meant to contain creatures too dangerous to function in society, she starts to wonder whether she isn't some monster.
She turns to an underground fight club full of vampires, werewolves and witches established by the students to control her urges, and who is she kidding, she loves to fight.
When fighters begin to disappear, turning Scar into the prime suspect, she must race to prove her innocence before her true nature is exposed.
The only problem is that she's not entirely sure she's innocent.

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