Welcome to Novel Fashion Week!

Welcome  Beautiful People!
Thank you so much for joining me in my very first book & fashion mass event, Novel Fashion Week!

What is Novel Fashion Week?
Novel Fashion Week is my rendition of Fashion Week with the incorporation of books!
This event will last one week. It will allow YA & NA authors the outlet to display the fashionable qualities of their novels.
Each author will be a brand or fashion house, and their post topic will be their collection. There will be a door prize giveaway with each post !  
Each designated location pays homage to either a fashion capital of the world  or another prominent fashion week city. Metaphorically speaking. We won't actually go to these places. Oh and there may even be runway music!

So without further ado, let Novel Fashion Week Begin!

Opening Ceremony & Schedule:

Novel Fashion Week · Schedule
I will link up as the posts become live!

DAY 1 - 

Thursday, 8/1 (12a/EST)

Thursday, 8/1 (6a/EST)
House of Derrolyn Anderson
Collection: Aunt Evie

Thursday, 8/1 (12p
House of Jessica Therrien
Collection: Cover Models
@ New York City (((Red Carpet)))

DAY 2 - 
Friday, 8/2 (12a/EST)
House of Rachael Wade
Collection: Island Inspiration (A Look Inside Emma and Jackson's Closet)
@ London

Friday, 8/2 (6a/EST)
House of D.T. Dyllin
Collection: Character Guest Post (Jenna from The P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy)
@ Milan

Friday, 8/2 (12p
House of Linn B Halton
Collection: A look inside Katherine's purse and oh, those shoes!

@ Paris

DAY 3 - 

Saturday, 8/3 (12a/EST)
House of Mindy McGinnisCollection: Dressing for survival
@ Copenhagen

Saturday, 8/3 (6a
House of Nicky Wells
Collection: Take a peek in the wardrobe of a rock chick

@ Australia

Saturday, 8/3 (12p
House of Faith Sullivan
Collection: A Look Inside Ivy's Purse
@ Bangalore

DAY 4 - 

Sunday, 8/4 (12a/EST)
House of J.K. Rock
Collection: Fashion Week at Camp
@ Berlin

Sunday, 8/4 (6a
House of Jane Lark
Collection: Scandalous Fashion of the 1800s'
@ Buenos Aires

Sunday, 8/4 (12p
House of Kimberly Reid
Collection: What to Wear: Girl Detective Edition
@ Dallas

DAY 5 - 

Monday, 8/5 (12a/EST)
House of Nely Cab
Collection: Creatura Style

@ Dubai

Monday, 8/5 (6a
House of Dana Mason
Collection: The contents of Alison Hayes' purse/diaper bag. (She's a very stylish new mom.)
@ Jakarta

Monday, 8/5 (12p/EST)
House of Carla J.Hanna
Collection: Young Hollywood Blvd.
@ Los Angeles

DAY 6 - 

Tuesday, 8/6 (12a/EST)
House of Amy Christine Parker
Collection: End of the World Couture otherwise known as "cult chic"

@ Madrid

Tuesday, 8/6 (6a
House of Stephanie Keyes
Collection: What Attire Should You Wear When Going On the Run From Rogue Faeries?
@ São Paulo

Tuesday, 8/6 (12p
House of Jolene Stockman
Collection: Change Your Wardrobe – Change Your World
@ Toronto

DAY 7 - 
Wednesday, 8/7 (12a/EST)
"Super Secret Guest" House of Joanne Brothwell
Collection: TBA Big City Style in a Small Town

@ Lahore

Wednesday, 8/7 (6a
House of Heather James Collection: Character Fashion Face Off
@ Islamabad

Wednesday, 8/7 (12p
House of Anna Silver
Collection: Dystopian Chic
@ Karachi.

Wednesday, 8/7 (6p/EST)~~
{Fashion Week Closing Party/ Official After Party}

Sneak Preview...

The House of Olivia Cooper will be the guest in the following sneak peek of Novel Fashion Week!

Special Presentation

Angelina Hathaway's looks

Look 1:

There was a knock at the door and Guillermo went to answer it.  He opened the door wide and a woman came in pushing several racks full of clothing.

“Since you can’t go back home, I called the concierge and asked him to send up a new wardrobe for you,” he said.

“I’m Patricia, your stylist,” said the woman pushing the racks.  “I’ll help you put together some outfits.  Are we planning for any special occasions?”

Angelina didn’t answer.  She walked silently over to the racks of clothing and started thumbing through them.  Gucci, Valentino and Oscar de la Renta - it was all designer clothing and looked like it was straight off the runway.  There was some very funky, artistic-type stuff in there that she could only picture wearing on Halloween.  Fashion really wasn’t her thing and she really hoped Patricia hadn’t planned on dressing her up like Lady Gaga.

“Is it me?” she asked as she put a floppy hat on her head with a peacock feather sticking out.  She started laughing and realized that Guillermo was right, that she might as well get used to this.  She looked at Patricia.

“I typically shop at Old Navy,” she said to her.  She laughed at how ridiculous this sounded considering she was wearing a necklace worth millions of dollars.  “I’m telling you this because I want to be comfortable.  Do you have anything super basic?  I mean, I just don’t see myself wearing this.”  She held up a sheer, see-through dress.

Patricia pulled out several outfits and dresses that Angelina immediately fell in love with.  They spent the rest of the morning trying on clothes and packing her bags, which the concierge had sent up too.  She took a long, hot shower and then put on her new clothes.  She felt great and decided she could definitely get used to this part of her new life.

Look 2:

“Okay, let’s get to work,” he said and held up the Valentino gown.  “I need to know right away if any alterations need to be made so we’ll try on the gown now and then take it off while I do your hair and makeup.”

She took the dress into the bathroom and put it on.  She came out and he helped her with the zipper.

“Twirl for me,” he said. 

She turned around a couple of times while he inspected her. 

“You are a goddess!” he said.  “Your body was made for Valentino.  The only adjustment we need to make is bringing up the hem a few inches.”

He walked over to the intercom system near the door and asked for someone to pick up the dress so that it could be hemmed for dinner.  A few minutes later, someone stopped by to pick it up and take it away for adjustments.

“I’ll need that back in 30 minutes,” he told them. 

“Now, what are we going to do with you?” he asked himself as he looked at her face and hair.

“Well,” she said, “if I might put in my two cents, I’d really like to keep things simple.  I typically don’t wear much makeup and I’m not a big hair person.”

“Not to worry,” he laughed.  “I like to keep things simple too.  Understated elegance is my goal and ‘less is more’ my mantra.  Besides, you’re already beautiful so you aren’t going to need much work.  We just want to accentuate your positives.”

They spent the next hour getting ready.  After they were done, she looked in the mirror and was stunned at her image.  She wasn’t sure what she was expecting but she looked pretty much like herself except the glamorous, gorgeous version of herself, which she’d never really seen until now.  The Valentino gown had thin spaghetti straps, was emerald green and pure silk.  It curved with her body until it hit the hips and then draped all the way to the ground.  Her hair was pulled up into a loose bun with small wisps framing her face.  She had emerald green eye shadow and a small bit of lip gloss.

Jean Pierre was right, he was damn good at his job.  She had never worn couture before, but she felt like a million bucks.  Thanks to Jean Pierre and his ministrations, she felt ready for anything.

Discover more of Angelina Hathaway by reading the novel Shadow by Olivia Cooper!  No need for a door prize giveaway. Everyone is a Winner! The author is offering this book "FREE" August 5th - August 9th via Amazon!

Big Thanks to The House of Olivia Cooper for that presentation!

Now on to more goodies!

 Event Giveaway:
I still have Fierce Reads promo swag to give away!
This Giveaway is US & International!
Ends August 14th!

(3) beautiful people will get this lovely tote!

(1) Lucky winner will get this awesome poster!

(20) Trend Setters will win this "Fierce" bookmark!

(1) Glamorous attendee will win all four autographs!

Take the Novel Fashion Week survey for a bonus 10 entries on this giveaway!

Novel Fashion Week @ Kindred Dreamheart
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The next catwalk will be at 6:00 AM (EST)!

Whether you're an avid reader or fashionista, I think the line up of creative posts that will be presented will be very entertaining. So please be sure to check them ALL out!


  1. I am LOVING Novel Fahion Week (or NFW as i like to call it!). I am not just an avid reader and member of book sites like Goodreads, but i also LOVE clothes and as a Young Adult i am always interested in latest designs and interesting outfits.
    I really do love this unique blog that combines two of my favorite things! Thanks for such an amazing week of fantastic fun with fashion.

    1. Oh joy! Thanks for visiting Lucinda! I hope you enjoy yourself. Please be sure to complete the survey, so that I can ensure the next NFW is even better!

  2. AWESOME concept, Katrina! So happy this came together real nice.

  3. Novel Fashion Week is an innovative way to both promote books and fashion. I think it's fantastic.

  4. I am loving Novel Fashion Week! It is such a fab idea and combines my 2 loves of books and fashion =)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Crystal Guidroz

  5. it sounds so exciting and im really anticipating it :)


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