Baltimore Book Festival 2013 Spotlight: Words Never Spoken #BBF2013

One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging for me is being exposed to so many people striving to live their dreams.  Authors! They jump in feet first and similar to many artistic careers put their work on display for criticism.  That is the epitome of their career: Not only to be liked but recognized among the masses of so many other authors.  Which is why it's such an honor to be approached and asked to promote a novel on my blog... particularly by an Indie author.  Indie authors are the underdogs in my book because they lack the publisher advertising campaigns and rely solely on their self promoting.  When an author approaches me, snags my attention,and  pulls at my heart strings. I just have to give them a bloggy shout out regardless of the genre.

At the Baltimore Book Festival there were many authors both well known and unheard of, yet only a few peeked my interest.  Over the next few days I will share promo posts and giveaways of these authors and their novels.

There was this one author outside of the festival promoting his memoir. He was humble and wasn't pushy so I listened to his pitch. While non-fiction is not my cup of tea, his story gave me tingles on the back of my neck thinking about a loved one who has a similar tale. I will read his story and then I will pass it on to my beloved family member. But first I will present it here:

Words Never Spoken A Memoir by Craig Stewart
Words Never Spoken A Memoir by Craig Stewart
by Craig Stewart

Paperback, First Edition, 338 pages
Published 2012 by Craig Stewart Impeccable Works, LLC
Goodreads | Amazon
Excerpt from the Prologue
The first man I developed real feelings for contracted HIV from the relationship he had prior to us meeting, but he found out two months after we met.  It was October 1, 1999 to be exact.  I’ll never forget that date because that day also marks my youngest nephew’s birthday.  In truth, Saleem didn’t know if he contracted the virus from his ex or a stranger because he and his boyfriend did whatever with whomever while in that arrangement.  It was dysfunction from the onset.  That relationship was indicative of all the fears I harbored about being with another man intimately—consistent heartache, one after another, fueled by a series of love triangles, cheating, and of course HIV.  After all, haven’t we all been programmed to believe the gay community is the breeding ground for this disease?  I imagined to be gay would mean being lonely because it meant isolation from family, a life fraught with short-lived relationships ending prematurely because men are believed to be incapable of monogamy in heterosexual relationships.  So the idea of two men living happily ever after was inconceivable for me.  Thus, I didn’t want anything to do with being gay and I prayed for years that I wouldn’t grow up to be.

This excerpt is continued on YouTube here!   2nd Youtube Excerpt (Author Reading)
I understand that this post is very different from my norm, but I felt compelled to share.  Your comments and support is greatly appreciated.


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