Review: Academy of Love by Kate Deveaux

Academy of Love
by Kate Deveaux
Published February 1st 2013 
by Red Sage Publishing, Inc.
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Erotic Goes Old School
Love smolders and the sex is red hot when Cassianna Baxter leaves behind a glamorous teaching career in Italy to return to her old Alma Mater, Lewiston Academy for Girls as the Deputy Head Mistress.
No sooner does she arrive at the Academy than she walks smack into sexy Lawrence Taylor, her first love and ex lover.
He’s been looking for her ever since he was forced to leave her and now that she is back at the Academy he knows he has to win her back. And not just in his bed.

About the Author

Kate Deveaux is a contemporary erotic romance writer and die-hard romantic. A former wedding planner, she has always been “in love” with love! Kate is currently working on several fictional stories – each filled with sexy romance, heroines who are no shrinking violets and heroes who make your heart skip a beat. She is a member of Savvy Author, Romance Writers of America (RWA) and their erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. Kate currently resides with her husband in Arizona.

Academy of Love was much steamier than I anticipated; however not as naughty as the cover would suggest. It's definitely a "hot" summer romantic read.

 The setting and character roles were the ultimate pawns of scandalous. When their affair first began the situation was student/teacher and when it picks back up again it's deputy headmistress/faculty. Talk about obstacles! And of course there were many more conflicts standing in the way. The drama was a romantic roller coaster ride into the great unknown.

 The love connection was snuggle worthy! Cassianna and Lawrence have that sweetheart type of chemistry. Which is cute and a tad baffling considering you're lead to believe there's a significant age difference. *uh hummm*

 The overall competition of this novel was magnificent! The main characters were lovable. The villains were teeth grindingly aggravating. The setting was tranquil. The plot was topsy turby and unpredictable. The steamy scenes were blush worthy without being too over the top. While I wouldn't recommend this to my Mom, my aunt may be able to handle the heat.


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