The Quick & Skinny # 3

The Quick & Skinny # 3
I have limited reading time now a days! And even more limited sit-down- &-writing thoughts.  But that doesn't mean I haven't squeezed in a few good books. Here, I will give mini updates on novel(s) even when I don’t write a full review. This will be more of an add on to my Goodreads status rants. No ratings. Just my thoughts.... The Quick & Skinny!

Nearly GoneNearly Gone
by Elle Cosimano
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I got this ARC in the mail courtesy of YABC. I don't what I did to deserve such an awesome book, but good golly I ain't complaining!
Best mystery ever! I loved everything about this story. I loved working the clues and attempting to figure out the answers as I read. It felt like homework given from that one cool professor! I adored Nearly! If this becomes a series I promise to follow it to the very end. This is one ARC I can't wait to share with a friend so we can have educational conversations about the best parts. The smidgget element of paranormal was the icing on the cake.

by Lauren Miller
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I won this some time ago in a bloggy giveaway!
I *sigh* am at a lost for words. It would appear that this is the year of the debut author! I have yet to read a sucky debut novel in 2013. *knock on wood* Parallel was a phenomenal recipe for instant reading addiction!
* You take Einstein's theory on parallel universes
* add a lovable main character
* knead in some broken memories
* dice up some trippy love square...not triangle
* Shake in an earthquake
* & serve on a mundane summer day...Voila!

ALIBI: The Complete Series (Alibi, #1-4)ALIBI: The Complete Series
by Annie Miles
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I finally finished the four part series of Alibi!  This was one seriously twisted group of teens.  I loved the originally of a story told from four different alibis.  Each point of view was equally enthralling.  The conclusion was shocking.  I would love to read more mystery novels like this.

As always, there's more...many more but I'll save it for the next Quick & Skinny!


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