What does reading mean to me by B-Real

A colleague asked me to proof read his essay for class.  I loved his writing so much, I asked if it would be okay for me to share it on my blog.  He requested that I not use his real name but the pen name "B-Real" instead. Enjoy!

Reading is an exploration of the mind. Where we are taken on a journey into a fantasy world, where you are left to determine if it is real or a lie. Our mind absorbs the facts based on the author’s vision. We are left to decide whether the vision is something we should explore, or we leave it to its own demise. Sometimes we challenge ourselves to take that challenge and grab the fantasy to see where it may take us. When an author writes a story or a novel it is his own perception, and we elect to go on his journey. We read and hope the vision of the author will leave us gasping for more. Or will it leave us disappointed, only to long for more substance? Reading is our only vessel. We use it to escape a world full of chaos. We engulf our minds hoping that the story we are reading will bring some type of relaxation and contentment into our lives.  

I think B-Real expressed it so well!  What does reading mean to you?

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  1. Reading means immersing myself into a world different from my own. Going deeper than myself. Your friend gives an amazing definition.


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