Baltimore Book Festival 2013 Spotlight: False Awakenings

As I was strolling through the author's tent, I noticed a very eye catching display. Hey I'm a happily married woman but I can appreciate a very handsome cover model.  Author Courtney Hines used a very dirty marketing hook with this one!  *lol*  She had a large poster displaying many images of the cover model and assumed main character of her novel.  I assume she had alot of shots to choose from before resovling to use her current cover, but they were all equally yummy eye candy.  I ended up purchasing her novel and I hope it's a worthy investment. 

False Awakenings
By Courtney C. Hines

Paperback, 282 Pages
Published August 25, 2013

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Paul Wakefield is a successful television writer living in Los Angeles. After a visit home to Baltimore, he meets and falls in love with Emerson Matthews, who seems to fill the emptiness that Paul has been experiencing. Almost as if in a fairytale, Paul convinces Emerson to move with him to LA, and they get married. However fairytales do not last long in reality, and Paul’s world seems to deteriorate as mysterious voices plague his waking hours and vivid nightmares plague his nights. After a horrific car accident, Paul’s life begins to unravel, and he starts to realize that the life he has come to know as his own may not be his after all as he experiences a False Awakening.

About the Author
Courtney Hines is a Baltimore native and holds degrees from both Howard University and Johns Hopkins University. She has completed two autobiographical novels, and has a library of poetry that she occasionally performs at local poetry venues. False Awakenings is her first published novel and she hopes to publish many more in the coming years.


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