Bloggy Milestones & Reflecting

I missed my own bloggy birthday back in May.  I guess it's like that when you're too busy blogging and living life! I've also reached another milestone.  I've gotten over 1000 GFC followers! Yay! Thank you so much for following my blog!  I appreciate each and every one of my followers and supporters.  I owe you guys and gals a giveaway! (It will happen very soon, so look out!)

Reflection Time:
When I first got back into reading I said I liked and would read everything.  But 300 some books later in the span of 2 years and I've developed a difference in taste. Blogging and keeping a journal of my reads have taught me a lot about myself as a reader.  I've learned:

I'll never win the Marathon- I do not like EPIC style writing.  When it takes a whole paragraph to describe a field of grass, dear lord help me...I can't read it.

Talk that talk- 3rd person is impersonal. I never really connect to the characters of stories and these novels and rarely rate them over three.

Soap Operas are better on television- Series that go on too long or don't have a projected end, tires me out before I even pick up the first book.

Oh and drama...*rolls eyes* I read to escape all that not find it between the pages. I can only take it in small doses.

Kicking the one legged blind dog- I've noticed that a lot of contemporary novels, with no romantic elements, have a series of unfortunate events that are downright morbidly depressing. I tend to steer away from books that are sad, sad, and more sad.

The tongue in Cheek black comedy- It's not funny when said aloud and it's downright despicable written down.

Plot holes are tricky to narrative- When the world building isn't solid and you only focus on the main story. For shame. I read this one book and felt like the author was insulting my intelligence by not explaining.

Too Many Characters- If I have to keep a notebook just to track of who said what.....forget about it.

The number one thing I hate is when I'm reading a physical book and tap the bottom of the page instead of just turning.  That tells me I've been reading far too many ebooks lately.

Not making break up easy- If I sign up as a tour host and after 6 months find that none of the books presented interests me, it's time to break up. Blog tour hosts with no way out. I.E. no unsubscribe button irritates me to no end.

That's just my personal taste.

I've also learned some things about myself. I am not merely a book blogger.  The better suited title should be lifestyle blogger. I blog about art, entertainment, fashion, books, fitness, pretty much whatever tickles my fancy.  I've found that my blog is an excellent source for setting personal goals and an outlet for gaining online support and momentum.

I've also learned that I'm happy.  I've truly happy with where I am in life. Perusing fashion is still the goal and I'm enjoying the chase.

Are you a blogger?  Have you learned things about yourself  or habits while chatting to the world wide web?


  1. I am a blogger but my book blog has been on hiatus since April 2013 and I don't think I will be returning to it any time soon if ever. I was/am sort of (?) a co-blogger of a media blog but my friend/co-blogger moved away earlier this year and things were pretty much left to me and that has been left to flounder as well. I do have a personal blog though and that is usually updated regularly because that's just about me. I talk about my goals, travel, food, cooking, exercise, school. Anything really and it's pretty low key and private, you can see it if you get the link but you can't find it if you do a search :).

    What I have learned from book blogging is that there are book genres I will choose to read but will not accept for review (e.g YA Contemporary).

    1. Hey thanks for your comment. I've visited your Sparrow and Vixen Reviews blog and found it very interesting.

  2. i started off with the thought i will read anything and everything, but since doing that, i have found i am such a fan of new adult/romance/erotic/adult fiction and some genres i just cannot stand no matter how much i tr! xxx

    1. Thanks for your comment Emily. I've found that while I can read Erotic, I find it very hard to write about. So I never agree to review them.


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