Books Kinda Worth The Hype

Slap me for denying the inevitable, but there are some books I avoid like the plague simply because their following is way too massive. I'm a supporter of the underdog.  (Hey I'm a underdog myself.) And besides I've never really been a follower.  I'm like the follower rebel. I would circle "said book(s)" in the bookstore, like a vulture, out of curiosity; yet I WOULD NOT touch it.  Even if it's on sale (And discounts are my weakness.)

If I was being absolutely honest I'd say I do it more so to avoid disappointment. What's worst than grabbing the one book that everyone adores and hating it.  It makes you feel as if you're somehow wired wrong....A diseased rotten person who needs to crawl under a rock.  And if you're own self conscience doesn't beat you up, I'm sure some super fan will take care of the rest.  Which is why I am ubber excited when I read a super hyped book and after worth is ready to jump on that band wagon.  What's better than feeling apart of the rally?  Believing in the cause!

Alice in Zombieland (The White Rabbit Chronicles, #1)
I'm a lustful book cover whore.  Harsh but true.  My motivation for buying Alice in Zombieland was purely cosmetic.  The fact that so many loved it is why after purchase it collected scrap fabric dust in my sewing room.  It was in my studio for inspiration purposes. For shame!  I had no intention of reading it.  And then I did a buddy read with a book club member and that was encouragement enough. 

While Alice in Zombieland was less trippy glitter activity and more guts, I enjoyed it.  It was a zombie tale like no other with a very cute love story.  There were Wonderland references with the characters but that was as far as the similarities went.  The zombies were not the traditional "must eat brains" walking dead type.  And for that kind of originality I simply could not put this down. 

Obsidian (Lux, #1)
I've heard the name Daemon Black over the blog sphere for as long as I've been a blogger.  Why the resistance?  Well my mother always said, "Pretty boys are trouble."  My Mom is always right.  And well I've never met a pretty boy who wasn't.  Besides if that's Daemon on the cover (and I believe it is) I need to stay far far away because he is is absolutely delectable.

Katy said it best, "Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys."

So what convinced me to read Obsidian?  I met Jennider L. Armentrout at the Baltimore Book Festival.  I heard her speak on multiple YA panels.  She's kind of awesome.  I mean her seriously charismatic personality seeps through her pores. I've always believed "Cool People write cool books." I figured if her novel is half as witty and engaging as she is, I simply had to check it out.  So I got a copy, had her anoint it with her signature, and read it in 8 hours flat. 

Obsidian gives me a whole new urban myth outlook on West Virginia.
"These guys make Superman look lame."

Shreya (CCReviews) told me back in April on Goodreads, "THIS BOOK CAN NOT GO LEFT UNTOUCHED BY YOU! GO READ IT AND YOU'LL LUURRVVEE IT!" 

While I didn't go absolutely nutso over Daemon's epic bad boy rudeness, I can definitely contest to the allure of this one.

Divergent (Divergent, #1)
When I read Hunger Games a few years back, I heard that Divergent was it's competition.  I stayed away simply because I thought it may be a copycat.  I won the sequel,Insurgent, in a book giveaway and purchased book one simply on principle, having no urge to pick either up.  Well this ended up being a book club voted read; and I was forced to relent.  It wasn't painful at all.  I actually adored this novel.  Now I'm not so leery of books promising to be THE NEXT___________.  I figure it's simply a marketing ploy.  More advertisements should say FANS of ____________WILL LOVE____________.

Any books you're banning over the hype?  How about one that surprised you in spite of the hype?

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  1. I don't read all the vampire stories out there, just because I'm afraid they'll be copycats of Twilight, or that I just won't like them. And sometimes I do wait to read books that are all the hype because I may not like them as much. One book that did not live up to the hype was The Testing. It was basically a copy of Hunger Games. But, maybe some people like to read the same thing over and over. Who knows.


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