Book Review: Duplicity by Nikki Jefford

Duplicity (Spellbound Trilogy - Book #2)
by Nikki Jefford
Kindle edition, 251 pages
ASIN: B0084V0L7E
Published: May 19, 2012
Source: Ebook - Own

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If Graylee Perez thought sharing a body with her twin sister was bad, dealing with a duplicate of herself is two times worse. Gray the second doesn't seem to get that Lee's boyfriend, Raj, is off limits. Then there's the problem of Adrian. He expects one of the Graylees to be his.
Nearly a year later, the council is on to them for past misdeeds; Lee, along with the rest of the coven, has lost control of her powers; and Gray is being stalked by what looks like the Grim Reaper. 
If the two Grays work together, they may stand a chance of setting things right and making it out alive.

In Book#1, Entangled, Greylee Perez was purged from Charlene's body and had to find a new one.  She found Stacey Moorehouse.  Stacey's soul was no longer there so it was just a body, perfect for Grey's situation.

Greylee now known as Lee has carried on.  Her mom is dating Mr. Moorehouse, Stacey's/Lee's dad, Raj & Lee are still dating, and now Lee has some new friends.  Lee's life is going pretty well.  You know that is when things always go wrong......

In France Charlene is having lunch when suddenly Greylee Perez wakes up in Charlene's body.  Oh, No .... not again Grey thinks.  She has no idea that she has been gone for 8 months or that she is now a duplicate because the REAL Greylee is still in Stacey's body.  This cannot be a good sign.

Grey/Charlene makes her way back to the U.S. to find out what is happening.  Once her she realizes she is a duplicate and now there are 2 Greylee's.  Lee & Grey must now work together to survive.  Because there can only be ONE GREYLEE.  For Grey it has only been a couple of weeks since Raj & her had their first kiss but now she realizes she cannot have Raj because she is with Lee.  Grey struggles for her survival along side of Lee and even though Lee is not happy that Grey wants her boyfriend she understands it because well it is herself she is dealing with.  CONFUSED...... It could be at times getting the 2 girls mixed up but referring to the purged Greylee as Stacey or Lee and the new Charlene Greylee as Grey does help keep the story straight.

What happened to Charlene?  There is the question isn't it.  Well like Greylee in the first book she was purged and now must find a new body.  Maybe this will be addressed in book #3.  There really was not anything dealing with Charlene in this part of the story.

The Contact that Grey's Mom had to bring back her child from the dead is determined to correct this situation of 2 Greylee's.  He has come to kill the duplicate.  Meanwhile, Adrian is back and causing chaos among the witches & warlocks of the area.  Adrian has conjured a spell in which their powers backfire on the them.  Now all of the witchy community are panicking and trying to figure out what went wrong & who is behind this spell.

Find out if both girls can survive the CONTACT & see what will become of the aftermath.

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