Influential Configurations

 Thomas Shelton wearing my creation inspired by Nappa on Dragon balls Z.
I love the many ways that fabric and thread can be manipulated.  
Fashion is art.  

I once heard that fashion was a form of artistic expression.  I strongly agree.  This can come in the form of hair art, cosmetic graffiti, or daring apparel.  Let's face it, people are peacocks. The more elaborate ones just demand more attention.  Who wouldn't when your canvas is luscious curves, flowing tresses, or nice skin.  We are are artist and show our style in our own particular way.

Weather creatively pieced together and worn by an enthusiast or draped, by a designing mogul, on a model strutting the runway, I heart it all.  The more extreme the fashion, the more excited I get. As you know, I freelance in fashion, but I do have a day job.  The luxury of this is many co-workers, with zero interest in the glam industry, like to bring extreme fashion concepts to my attention.  Things they've ran across online, snapped on the street with their SmartPhone, etc.

I think they enjoy the possibility that I  may make something they bring to my attention.  I like the inspiration and maybe even the unspoken challenge.

Since the Sunday Sketch is currently on hiatus because I'm in studio actively designing; I will share with you some fashion concepts that have been shared with me:

I just love the intricate pleating on this simple tube gown.
Silver pleated wedding dress by BHLDN
Big Thanks to Mom for this share from OneWed.

Link below if you would like to share a concept or design with me as well.


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