Review: Bad For Me by Dara Bowman

Bad For Me (My Forbidden Rockstar #1) 
by Dara Bowman 
Kindle Edition, 301 pages 
Published: June 5th 2013 
Source: Ebook - Borrowed
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She's determined to make it on her own as an independent and capable young woman living in LA.
He's an international superstar rock sensation and known womanizer with looks that could kill.
They're a match made in heaven.
Dom is an irresistibly sexy bad boy and a talented musician, the type of guy she hates to love - she just can't help herself. But Annie has been there before, she knows his type, and she won't fall for the bullshit again. 
Too bad it's not up to her. 
Fate brings them together when Dom's band Diesel is in desperate need of a new backup singer and Annie is the perfect fit. This is her chance to launch her career, on a three month long tour with one of the biggest bands on the planet. 
There's only one problem, when Annie finally meets her dad's new fiancé for the first time, she realizes her father is engaged to Dom's mother. 
She can do this though, she just has to keep her relationship with Dom strictly professional and at a polite distance. There's no way she can let herself indulge in such a forbidden love affair.
But Dom has other plans...and he always gets his way.
*This New Adult Romance Novel contains mature themes, strong language, and steamy situations. It is intended for adult readers.*

This story is about Annabelle & Dominic

Annie and Dominic meet because Annie's dad Cliff is engaged to Dominic's mother Roxie. When Annie finally meets Roxie after months of her father dating her and now engaged she is shocked to see that she is not some young gold digging bimbo. Roxie is what you would call funky chic and age appropriate. Annie finds out that Dominic Dresden (Rock God) is Roxie's son and that he is looking for a backup singer. She does not want handouts and Dom will not give her one.  Annie must earn it with her singing ability and Dom will not offer her the job until he hears her sing. Dominic is blown away and he can't believe it, Annie sings like an Angel. Dom wants her for the band and for himself.

Dominic wants Annie badly. But this girl is not playing fair. She has beaten him off with a stick twice now and he just wants her more. Annie can not deny her attraction to Dom but she can't get involved with another rock star. He will just break her heart.

Annie goes on tour as the replacement backup singer for Diesel and the fans love her. Her & Dominic become closer and they try to make it work on a few different occasions not really as a couple but as something more than friends. The last leg of the tour things are going pretty well between the two of them and they are seeing themselves as a couple more and more but something terrible happens at home in L.A. and they must go rushing back. Dominic can not stay with Annie even though he knows that he should. Annie needs him more than ever right now during this terrible time and can't believe he abandoned her. When Annie rejoins the tour she is distant and tells Dom to leave her alone. After several attempts to talk to Annie and make amends Dominic just does as she asks and leaves her alone. Dominic knows he was wrong to leave her back in L.A. and knows that Annie just needs more time to come out of her fog before they can try again. Annie can't take anymore disappointment.  She is hurt and upset and also feels abandoned by the people she loves.  But Dominic loves Annie and it has taken some time to figure that out for himself but now that he has Dominic must make this right.

Dominic pulls out one more trick from his bag and Annie is left with all the power to crush Dominic or make his dreams come true and give him one last chance to make her happy.

I liked this book and  I will look for more of Dara's stories.

Happy Reading.


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