Review: Intermix Nation by M.P. Attardo

Review: Intermix Nation by M.P. Attardo

Intermix Nation
By: M.P. Attardo
Kindle Edition 331 pages
Published March 5th 2013
Review Copy

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Intermix: to mix together, blend

North America, paragon of diversity, is gone. From its ashes, a new nation has arisen – Renatus – where the government segregates the surviving population into races, forbidding interracial marriage, mating, and love.

Eighteen-year-old Nazirah Nation is a pariah, an intermix, born of people from different races. When her parents are murdered in the name of justice, Nazirah grudgingly joins the growing rebellion fighting against the despotic government.

Overwhelmed with grief, consumed by guilt, Nazirah craves vengeance as a substitute for absolution. But on her journey to find the girl she once was, Nazirah must learn the hard way that nothing … no one … is purely black or white. Like her, every human is intermix, shades and hues of complex emotions. And those who can take everything away are also the ones who can give everything back.

I Absolutely loved this book. It was what you can call a beautiful tragedy.
You have Nazirah Nation who is a 17 year old girl living in Retanus. At first I didn't understand the title until of course I opened the book and read the first few pages. Retanus is a place Born from what used to be North America. In Retanus the leaders (their corrupt government) forbids intermix (interracial) marriages.
One day Nazirah comes home to find her parents murdered due to them being two different races and married. Her life is then changed from that moment on. She goes to live in a Rebel compound (like their name you can see they are rebels against their government) We meet Nazirah brother Nikolaus who is the leader of the rebels. Nazirah was trained to be a leader like her brother and many are disappointed when they see that it is something she doesn't want and decides to take no part in.
At first I didn't like Nazirah Honestly I found myself not liking many of the characters but they all seem to redeem themselves at one time or another. Nazirah went through a lot and understand being an angry teen, but sometimes I felt her to be really spoiled and whiny. But I promise she does get better :)
Her brother Nikolaus probably bugged me the most and I didn't like him for a long time, but hey even he turned out to be great!
OH now the relationship between Nazirah and Adamek! This relationship was very hot/cold wrong/right. I was very torn in their relationship at first. But as I read on I understood. Adamek isn't your normal book hero. He's very far from it, to some he may actually be the villain. That's something I love about their relationship I'm still obsessing about. I don't want to give too much away. Just remember That the world isn't Black and white there are grey areas and their relationship is def. like that.
I haven't had a book that put me through so many real emotions in quite a while. I was Very sad many times other happy and Angry. It is a book I definitely recommend to everyone!


  1. The novel sounds like my kind of read. so does your fashion. I know my daughter would love to visit your page and perhaps have you as a guest on her fashion blog. anyway, back to the book. ON MY LIST of readers.

  2. I love the story line. So sad her parents died for having her but M.P. created an amazing story from it. This blurb and your review makes me want to read this so bad. Checking Amazon for price right now.


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