She's all done "Getting Rooted in New Zealand", now let's talk beauty & fashion with Jamie Baywood!

Today I would like to share my interview with the author of Getting Rooted in New Zealand,Jamie Baywood.  Jamie currently lives in the UK,but She is from Cali!  Hello! Did you hear me?  Cali! California pretty much consumes my dreams nowadays; and I've also lived in Europe before. (See...much in common!) So I just had to know more about this author and her promising memoir about escaping romance by traveling the globe.

Katrina:Tell me all about your wardrobe, shopping overseas versus in the US, your favorite brands, etc.

Jamie:When I was in New Zealand I loved finding unique items at the second hand shops Recycle Boutique and Paperbag Princess in Auckland.

Three songs I listened to a lot in California before New Zealand:

1.       BiitterSweet The Mating Game

2.       Goldfrapp Ooh La La

3.       Lady Gaga Poker Face

I listened to these songs a lot when I was about twenty-five and single in California. I was young and getting chased by a lot of guys – most I was completely uninterested in.

Three songs I listened to while I was in New Zealand:

1.       Santigold  L.E.S. Artistes

There are some lines in this song that really apply to how I felt when I first arrived in New Zealand:
What I’m searching for

I can say I hope it will be worth what I give up

What am I here for

I left my home to disappear is all

I’m here for myself

2.       Kids of 88 – Just a little Bit
3.       Naked and Famous – Young Blood


Kids of 88 and Naked and Famous were New Zealand bands I discovered during my time in there. I had the chance to go to a concert where they both performed. It was a great night.

Three songs I listened to while living in the UK after New Zealand:

1.       Kavinsky - Nightcall
3.       Metronomy - The Look


I can get obsessed with listening to movie soundtracks. Last year when I first moved to the UK and was living in Scotland I was obsessed with the Drive soundtrack. I listen to Nightcall and A Real Hero over and over. My husband also introduced me to Metronomy in Scotland.

Katrina:Express your style in Picture:


Getting Rooted in New Zealand

Katrina:What label would you use to express your style? (rocker, emo, unique, preppy, eccentric)
Jamie:My style is classic girlie girl. I only wear dresses, never jeans or trousers. I would love to raid Mad Men’s voluptuous Joan’s closet.
Katrina:What celebrities inspire you?
Jamie:Gosh, I am really bad at keeping up with current events and celebrities! I tend to have strange celebrity crushes. I love smart men that make me laugh. I love Louis Theroux and Jason Schwartzman.

Katrina:Did you meet anyone famous in California or New Zealand?
Jamie:One of the first people I meet was Colin Mathura-Jeffree from New Zealand’s Next Top Model. I had no idea who he was or that he was on TV when I meet him. He is friends with my former flatmate. We had a steep staircase that I kept falling down. Colin taught me to walk like a model so I wouldn’t fall down the stairs.

Katrina:What 10 items would I find in your purse/messenger/day/tote bag?

Jamie:I don’t like to carry too much with me. I just usually have the basics; phone, keys, lip gloss, credit cards, and hopefully some cash.

What's in Jamie Baywood's Day Bag!

Katrina:What is your favorite “would wear everyday if you could” article of clothing?
Jamie:When I was in American Samoa I bought a colourful cotton tunic style shirt. I wear it as a dress with leggings way too often.

Katrina:What is your all-time worst “if your grandchildren looked at an old photo you’d be embarrassed” fashion choice made?

Jamie:I was born in the ‘80s. When I was a little girl I loved Punky Brewster and tried to emulate her style. There are some photos of me when I am about five-years-old with a crazy side ponytail and too many pairs of socks posing like Punky Brewster.

Katrina:After reading the synopsis of Getting Rooted in New Zealand I have so many questions, but I feel they may just be answered in the book.  So tell me something about yourself that you can say without giving a spoiler to the memoir.
Jamie:I had the opportunity to write and perform for Thomas Sainsbury the most prolific playwright in New Zealand. I performed a monologue about my jobs in the Basement Theatre in Auckland.  The funny thing about that experience was Tom kept me separated from the other performers until it was time to perform. I was under the impression that all the performers were foreigners giving their experiences in New Zealand.  All of the other performers were professional actors telling stories that weren’t their own. At first I was mortified, but the audience seemed to enjoy my “performance,” laughing their way through my monologue. After the shows we would go out and mingle with the audience. People would ask me how long I had been acting. I would tell them, “I wasn’t acting; I have to go to work tomorrow and sit next to the girl wearing her dead dog’s collar around her neck.”

Katrina:If you had a chance to do it all over again, would you?
Jamie:Absolutely! It was the best decision I ever made.

About the book Getting Rooted in New Zealand:
Craving change and lacking logic, at 26, Jamie, a cute and quirky Californian, impulsively moves to New Zealand to avoid dating after reading that the country's population has 100,000 fewer men. In her journal, she captures a hysterically honest look at herself, her past and her new wonderfully weird world filled with curious characters and slapstick situations in unbelievably bizarre jobs. It takes a zany jaunt to the end of the Earth and a serendipitous meeting with a fellow traveler before Jamie learns what it really means to get rooted.

More About the Author:
Jamie Baywood grew up in Petaluma, California. In 2010, she made the most impulsive decision of her life by moving to New Zealand. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is her first book about her experiences living there. Jamie is now married and living happily ever after in the United Kingdom. She is working on her second book.

Getting Rooted in New Zealand is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon!

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