ARC Review: Beautiful Surrender (book 3) By Priscilla West

Review Beautiful Surrender by Priscilla West

Beautiful Surrender (Surrender #3)
Priscilla West
Kindle Edition 132 pages
Published November 2, 2013
Arc Copy From Netgalley
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“What gives you a thrill Kristen?”
The conclusion to the Surrender Series by Priscilla West.
No one is who they seem to be.

Kristen let Vincent into her heart because he seemed so different from everyone in her conservative world of wealth management. She thought they shared something special, but when she realizes that Vincent has been playing her the entire time, her heart is crushed.

As Kristen’s relationship with Vincent reaches a crisis point, a man from Kristen’s past returns looking for a second chance. Is her ex-boyfriend really looking for redemption or is his goal something more sinister?
Kristen struggles to hold herself together, until she discovers a revelation that will change everything.

Beautiful Surrender Is the third installment to Priscilla Wests New Adult Surrender series.
I really enjoyed all three books with number 3 being my Favorite. You do need to read this as a series in correct order or you will not understand what is going on in each book.

This is a Steamy series book 3 being probably the most calm of them!
If you are into nice quick reads this book/series is definitely for you.

In this novel Kristen (our heroine) is being stalked by her psycho creepy ex Marty.
Kristen had given us a bit of a back story on him in book 1. We know that he has a personality disorder and has physically and mentally abused her. Marty comes knocking on Kristen's door after a heated fight between her and Vincent. He claims he just wants to talk to her and gain her forgiveness.

A huge fight breaks out and in the midst of it Vincent breaks Kristen's trust and makes her feel like he doesn't respect her decisions as a woman. To give credit to Vincent all he is trying to do is protect the woman he loves at all cost. But he can't do that if Kristen doesn't trust him.

Kristen later learns of something that is life changing and it can either make or break the relationship between Vincent and her. It all depends on how they decide to approach things!

There is a lot more action in this novel especially with the crazy psycho ex. But we also see Another side of Vincent one that just completely changes my views of him (for the good of course.) It is definitely a good end to a good series.

Now my reason for 3 stars
I felt the book was too short I understand that's how she does her series but I craved more I want to know what happens after the decisions are made and such. I also didn't like Kristen too much in this novel. I felt she lost her sass and backbone. A heroine that is weak is not sexy to me at all!


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