Comment Appreciation Giveaway

Every comment on a non-meme post will get you an entry into this giveaway. 

You could be the lucky winner of 
  • a novel reviewed or mentioned on this blog,
  • a Kindred Dreamheart handmade super secret prize,
  • a gift card to a department store mentioned on a fashion post, and/or
  • an online gift card.
Winner(s) will be selected and announced monthly.
(enter in form below.)

Thanks for commenting & best of luck.


  1. oh oh that's an idea^^ i will just have to remember to enter my entry since it's not automatic

    1. Yes please remember Miki. But you're such a regular now, I think I will send you something special just because. Email me your addy. *hugs*

    2. you are too kind, i can only hope you will enjoy yours^^

  2. So I can keep filling out this form every tie I comment?

    1. Oh yeah Ashfa! Every time you comment on a non-meme (such as Teaser Tuesday, STS, Waiting on Wednesday) or giveaway post, you can enter to win! So comment away on any fashion advice, book review or general post. May the odds be ever in your favor!

  3. Thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway x

    I love reading the blog posts and will always comment when keen to share my thoughts on fashion or other! :)


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