New Year's Eve Style!

Hi Guys!
It's me again and I'm here to talk all things fabulous! Today's topic is New Year's Eve style ideas.

OMG! I love New Year's EVE (NYE)! It's the perfect time to bring out your inner diva and let your style creative juices flow! I personally have not decided what I'm going to wear but I'm here to day to give you guys some great style ideas to get you started!

Love this out fit! The feathers and the clutch bring a flair of creativity!

Here I posted three dress ideas. You can never go wrong with the Little Black Dress. To spice it up, try one with sequins. The other two dresses deal with great individual style and color. With the gold and red dress, I paired a simple shoe. With the purple dress I paired a lace, open toed bootie. The lace brings out the femininity of the whole outfit.

 If you already have an outfit but need a statement piece, I've included photos of pieces that I love and will turn and outfit from blah to POW!! Let's face it! That's what we want to do on NYE is WOW people, right?


So that's my quick take on getting these NYE outfits started. What do you think? What do you have in mind to WOW people this NYE? Let me know! Comment below!

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~B. Ayesha
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  1. I love that fist necklace. How does the back clasp look? I followed the link but it doesn't say.

    1. It just a regular clasp. Like the bottom photo.

    2. I'll say it again here: I am completely going fan girl over the Earring Clips in your shop! <3 <3 <3

  2. The red and gold dress is fab! I love the style, the pattern, and the colors. Perfect for New Year's Eve!

  3. The feather outfit and the necklace at the bottom are my faves. Definitely a celebration.

  4. the blue dress its amazing! just for new years eve!


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